2017 Honda Odyssey Confirmed By High-Level Executive


Currently, available generation of Odyssey is on the market since 2010 and according to latest reports the fourth generation will be replaced by 2017 Honda Odyssey as a first model for a new generation. This piece of information was delivered by Executive Vice President of American Honda Motor Company, John Mendel so we tend to believe that this is 100 percent true info.

Furthermore, he also added that new generation of this minivan will be offered in Spring of 2017. This means that early March introduction is a possibility, at least in the US. While we were able to see this vehicle tested many times we couldn’t get full insight into its design since it was heavily camouflaged, something we expect to change soon.

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Leaked photos and what we have for Japanese version are clues to look at when it comes to design. What we do know so far is that new minivan will be based on Global Light Truck Platform that we are also able to see used for both Honda Ridgeline and Pilot models.

Most likely option for engine here is the 3.5-liter V6 unit just like in the previous generation but this time with few upgrades. Instead of not so impressive 248 hp new version could push power figures up to 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The model before had decent performances, but this one will offer even more, this is obviously important even we are sure that buyers will not take 2017 Honda Odyssey to the race track. Power and torque figures are estimated upon what this powerplant is capable of producing in Pilot so we could see slight differences in this one.

There are still things that need to be confirmed and analyzed. One of those is related to transmission options. According to early reports, we might see both six speed, and nine-speed automatic offered depending on the model and trim level you choose. One of the most interesting things that could be introduced here is the P-AWS (four wheel steering system) in combination with all-wheel drive option. If this comes as extra paid feature, we are sure that it will not come on all trims.


Previous reports suggested that new generation minivan will be introduced at LA Auto Show that will be held soon but with official Spring 2017 launch, this might be slightly postponed. We need to take this one with a little reserve.