2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro and all about it!


Do any of you remember the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show? If yes, then you must remember the concept that debuted there, and it was nothing other than the Audi E-Tron Quattro Concept. On that occasion, the German carmaker promised that we will see this concept in production guise sometime in 2018 and they surely held their word. The Audi E-Tron Quattro is heading in the right direction as the production version of the vehicle was just spotted on the roads, testing, for the first time.

As it was announced, this one will be a sporty, sleek SUV that can easily match (possibly over-match) the competition like the Tesla Model X. It comes packed with all the latest tech (probably not everything seen on the concept) like a digital instrument cluster and a large tablet-like display. One thing is uncertain at this point, and it is the drivetrain, but if the company decides to keep the one from the concept then expect to see a 95 kWh battery pack that can provide 310 miles per charge along with offering somewhere around 429-496 horsepower and up to 590 pound-feet of torque.

We all must be aware, though, that much can change until this one arrives on the market as a 2019 model. There is a possibility that the 2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro ends up fighting a lot more competitors for the electric SUV niche crown than it has to now. So far it is uncontested, and if they make all the right moves and honor the deadlines, Audi might just grab itself a hefty piece of the market and stick to it for a long time.

OK! Enough with the general stuff and introductions, let’s see what can we expect from the 2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro.

Shall we take a tour of its Interior first?


As it is still far from production, the interior is a total mystery, but since a lot of other parts of the car are adopting lines and features from the concept, then some of the concept’s interior might end up in the production vehicle. Some of the more advanced and futuristic tech is out of the question for now but what might find its place in the market ready E-Tron Quattro is the flat-bottom steering wheel, high-sitting center console, and digital instrument cluster. We should also see the previously mentioned tablet-like infotainment display while the HVAC controls will likely be analog. Side-view screens will also be scrapped because the production vehicle will use traditional mirrors outside, but a 360-degree camera will find its place inside, and it should provide more than enough view of the outside for parking purposes.

The space inside will be plenty but do not expect it to offer the amount of room that the Audi Q6 does, especially when you know the battery pack is built into the floor. Some sacrifices will have to be made and that mainly means a little tighter rear seat headroom which will be the result of a lot higher mounted rear seats, but this shouldn’t impact the cargo space much. The rear bench could very likely be electronically controlled with at least a 40-20-40 split if not even a 60-40 split. It is expected that another part of the 2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro will be electric and that is the tailgate, mainly because of easy access to the trunk especially when you have your hands full. The accommodation of the rear seat passengers will not be anything exquisite, but it is fair to expect a pair of infotainment displays to keep everybody comfortable and occupied during that 300-mile range road trip.

2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro Exterior


We are all aware that many things are dropped during the period when vehicle transitions from concept form to the production version but that is not the case with E-Tron Quattro. When you look at it, you can see that a lot of DNA from the concept made it to this test vehicle and by that we mean the noticeable sleek headlights, the wide and short grille, and the lip in each corner of the lower fascia. But that is not all, even the hood seems to have made it all the way from concept with similar body lines on the outside and in the center. The profile of this SUV shows us the slightly sloped roof and the belt line that runs nearly parallel to the ground with just a slight grade from front to rear. What is instantly noticeable is the fact that this one actually has mirrors and door handles which lacked on the concept showed in Frankfurt. Below the slick side lines there is a thick cladding that surrounds the fascias, wheel wells, and lower sides of the body offering protection but also adding to the attractiveness of the vehicle.


At the E-Tron’s back, you will notice a slightly larger overhang atop the rear hatch. The taillights are very well hidden so we can’t tell you much about them but we sure bet that they are not running over the entire width of the hatch. They should resemble those from the concept, but a sure bet is that they will get different matrix layout. When all things are taken into consideration, the 2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro will be quite similar to the new Q6 which is not a bad thing. It does have lots of its own to actually stand out, plus there is the all-electric drivetrain that will not allow anyone to make a mistake between these two.


It is probably known by now that when the Audi designed the E-Tron Concept, they first made the drivetrain and then pretty much wrapped the body around it. Because of that fact, no one actually expects the drivetrain to change much, with a chance that it will entirely remain the same when it’s fitted into the production vehicle. The setup of the concept was pretty much standard with battery stashed in the floor and motors at each axle, but the production version might get one large unit up front and two smaller ones out back so it can provide AWD capability and easy torque distribution control to the rear wheels. The concept utilized the 95 kWh battery, and if things do not change drastically at Audi, the production one should use the same. The battery would be greatly aided if that solar roof from the concept made it into production, but for now, it is early to predict anything.

The electric motors that were found in the concept were good for 429 HP, and with overboost (limited function) its total output increased to 495 HP and 590 pound-feet of torque. The top speed was 130.5 MPH with a 0-62 run in 4.6 seconds which is impressive for a vehicle of this size. The only unknown here is will the production model retain, loose or even increase some of these specs. As far as charging goes, expect the standard equipment to include an 110-volt plug for charging away from home and the ability to charge with 220 volts at home with a special in-home charger.


Audi E-Tron Price

The price is one thing that concerns everyone. As you know, Audi has a steep price on all of its models, but that is in some extent justified because they really care about important things when it comes to automotive industry and they know how to cash that. Since, so far, the only real competitor to the 2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro is the Tesla Model X we can expect its pricing to be similar to it. The Model X starts at $82,500 for the 75D, $99,500 for the 100D, and $145,000 for the P100D, and the pricing for Audi should be similar to that. We believe that the E-Tron Quattro will start at around the $85,000 mark for a model with a smaller battery, while the range topping version with the bigger battery could easily reach the $140,000 territory.

With all things said the 2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro is one for the future and one to be followed. If the company manages to price their vehicle under Tesla’s in every trim level, we could see the first electric SUV which could heavily damage Musk’s business. The 2019 E-Tron Quattro drew a lot from its concept, and it will hopefully retain many of its features when it is finalized. The diversity in company’s lineup is much needed and with the unique styling and look that the 2019 E-Tron Quattro carries, it will be a breath of fresh air.