Dez Bryant Not Worried About Ezekiel Elliott

Once upon a time, Dez Bryant was considered to be one of the most talented players in the NFL. But, alongside with that, he came with some off the field troubles that so many young wide receivers have today. He made it through those times and now is more mature, but the Cowboys had some struggles with him early on. They were even wondering whether or not they should give him that big deal because of some issues we mentioned.

Now, Ezekiel Elliott is in a similar situation. Whether or not he has found the trouble off the field or the trouble has found him, it seems that Elliott can’t avoid it these days. Zeke is now under the NFL investigation for the domestic violence situation that he had a year ago. The charges were dropped against him, but the NFL is still going to look into it and decide whether or not he should be suspended for the first game or maybe two.

Dez Bryant knows that Ezekiel Elliott is going through a tough period right now. He has had the experience with the things that are troubling him off the field and know how to deal with it. Because of that, he knows that Elliott will be just fine.

“I believe Zeke is going to be fine. I’m not even worrying about Zeke, man. Because that guy loves football, man. I understand it’s more than football, but time will tell. He’s got a great supporting cast and he can’t lose with guys like us around him.”

Bryant believes that Cowboys have a good thing going in Dallas right now and that the players around Zeke will motivate him to do his best on the football field. They will need both of these guys playing at their best in order for them to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.