Have you ever wondered where the richest New Yorkers live? We know!


Over the past few years, some of the biggest names in movie, music and business industry have combined several city houses or built additional floors to create homes of incredible proportions, or Franken-villas, as they are nowadays modernly called.

To create these Frankenstein villas, some prospective buyers get more buildings at once, while others buy homes from their neighbors for incredible sums. This time we are presenting You the 12 true Frankenstein villas which are located in Manhattan, and in which live great names like Madonna, Sean Parker and Sarah Jessica Parker.

#12 Michael Bloomberg


The former Mayor of New York is finishing works on his mega villa. He bought five of the six housing units in the building next to his bulky villa over the past thirty years. After connecting four units in 2009, he decided to join them and create a magnificent environment. Also, his mega villa is just a few steps from the Central Park.

#11 New York monastery


A $20 million villa is currently available for purchase, and it is owned by the New York monastery since 1948. As this villa was composed of two town houses, the monastery firstly owned just one, so that four years later they would buy the one immediately next to them and connect them with the door on each floor. Over the years, they rented about 25 rooms to other congregations or young women who needed hiding. However, their mega fair will soon find their new owner.

#10 Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah lives in Franken-villa as well, and hers is worth 34.5 million dollars. She bought two houses from the nonprofit organization United Women Methodist and then merged them. Sarah’s villa now has nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a huge private garden and five floors.

#9 Sean Parker


Co-founder of Napster paid 58.5 million dollars for his mega villa. Former president of Facebook bought three villas that were originally separated and contained housing units, grand staircases, and backyards. Parker then bought them in the period from 2010 to 2016, and at the end of last year, he completely renovated the entire space.

#8 John Stryker


The former factory will soon become a premium villa. Stryker allegedly hired New York’s Steven Harris Architects company to work on renovating this space and creating a mega-residence that will be the envy and the talk of the town.

#7 Madonna


The Franken-villa that Madonna bought has as much as thirteen bedrooms. She bought three connected houses in 2009 with a total price of $32 million. Now, her mega villa has a dance studio, several dining rooms, a huge garden, two garages, an elevator and a private gym.

#6 Roman Abramovich


As we managed to find out, he is also currently working on linking three city houses worth $78 million. Last year, he received the city’s approval to begin renovation works, after buying the house just a year earlier. He has plans to preserve the facades, and the house in the middle will hold the main entrance to his new villa. The interior of the villa will be completely renovated, while the private garden will be in the courtyard.

#5 The Safra family


Owned by Safra family billionaires, two houses were put up for sale at a price of $75 million. If someone buys and refurbishes them, they will be able to design a villa with an area of 2.500 m2, which can have up to 18 bedrooms! Now that is a villa!

#4 Michael Feinstein


This musician also has one similar villa which is composed of two, and it costs $17.9 million. Feinstein first bought a villa on the left in 2004 at a price of three million, and a year later he bought a villa right next to it for $3.8 million, after that he renovated and merged these two houses. Now, his mega home contains eighteen rooms, a double staircase, seven bathrooms, two toilets, eight fireplaces, a huge yard and two pagodas.

#3 Dexter Goei


The CEO of telecommunications company Altice plans to combine his two city houses, which he bought in June last year at a price of $31 million. As we found out, the renovation will cost about $1.3 million, and the works will be led by Arcologia.

#2 Jeff Kuns


The famous artist also owns one of these Franken-villas on the periphery of the Central Park. Known for his interesting sculptures, he bought his new estate in 2009 for $32 million. Initially, he did not get a work permit, but after the audit of the request (three years ago) he finally got the approval of the city, and he started the renovations.

#1 Loren Bush


The granddaughter of former President George H. Bush has bought three city houses, which the previous owner have already merged. The former owner of this Franken-villa was none other than famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. Loren bought the house at a price of $28.5 million. In total, her home has about 1.200 m2 and seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, 13 fireplaces and a private, indoor garden.