2019 Audi Q4 confirmed!


Thanks to a press conference, that took part on Wednesday, which had a task of discussing financial results, Audi used it to confirm a number of upcoming models. Some of the named vehicles disclosed there were already known, but something new also popped up, and it will carry a Q4 badge. It is conceived as a compact crossover SUV that will squeeze in between the Q3 and Q5 which are part of Audi’s high-riding lineup planned for 2019.

This Q4 was firstly showcased in 2015 together with their TT Offroad concept, and at that time Audi could not name it Q4 because the name belonged to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Sometime after that Audi muscled away from the permission to use the Q4 name for the production model, and besides that, they asked for permission from FCA to use the Q2 name for a subcompact SUV launched they launched last year.


Some or any detailed info for the Q4 are virtually nonexistent, but we can surely expect it to ride upon the MQB platform found in the TT and other compact models from the Volkswagen Group. Since it is very close to the TT Offroad concept, it is presumed that it will borrow some styling cues (in some probably surpass the TT Offroad concept) from it and the regular TT. During the same press conference, Audi also confirmed something else, that the launch of a redesigned A7 and new Q8 in 2018 is imminently happening. They also repeated about their plans for the redesigned A8 in 2017 and launching three electric cars by 2024.


But since this was a press conference regarding company’s financial results as well it is only fair to report that they have revealed that they earned 59.3 billion euros (approximately $63 billion) in revenues on record deliveries of 1.867.738 cars in 2016. After the happenings with the Volkswagen Group diesel emissions scandal and the Takata airbag recalls, Audi reported that their operating profit for the past year amounted to 3.1 billion euros ($3.3 billion).

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