Transporter: The Series: Updates on Season 3


Written by Luc Besson, “Transporter” The Series is a highly popular franchise, and it represents a spin-off from the Transporter film series. It was first released in the United States, three years ago, on October 18, 2014, on TNT. The series’ storyline revolves around on a man whose profession is a driver for hire as well as a one-time special agent. The driver is known as Frank Martin, who played by Chris Vance. Among the series executive producers, we have Brad Turner, Fred Fuchs, and Timothy J. Lea. As already mentioned, TNT is broadcasting the series in the United States, but also on RTL in Germany, on M6 in France, on Spike in the United Kingdom, while HBO together with Super Ecran is broadcasting it in Canada.

The fans seemed to be thrilled by the series, which managed to get high scores from critics as well. In France, it has lived up to a pretty enormous success with 3.1 million viewers.


“Transporter” The Series Brief Overview

The series follows the ongoings from the movie, which involve the Frank Martin, as mentioned earlier, and his adventures. He has three rules according to which he manages his life but has a tendency of breaking them from time to time. He delivers goods but never asks any questions such as what the packages hold or whom they should be provided to and why.


Up until recently, there has been no news regarding the series’ renewal or cancellation, and there was no information from either TNT or other channels regarding the issue. However, now we know what the future of the series holds. Unfortunately, the series will be canceled, and there won’t be a Season 3. Even though it achieved a great success, the sequel is not going to happen. The news has been confirmed by Frenk Spotnitz in his interview with “Digital Spy” on November 21, 2015.