2019 Chevrolet Camaro Spy Photos Surface!


As we all know, the sixth generation Camaro entered production, and we are all wondering whether Chevrolet can live up to everyone’s high expectations. Dubbed 2019 Chevrolet Camaro this vehicle also rides on GM’s Alpha platform just like Cadillac ATS and CTS models. And as if we were not hyped enough already just a few hours ago we acquired a set of spy photos. According to our source, these images were taken while the car was being tested in the Colorado Rockies hours after the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Interesting timing indeed Chevy.

We suspect that this vehicle underwent the high altitude testing because of the location where it was spotted. Photos are quite good fortunately for us, and we can discern that this vehicle had a quad-tipped exhaust which is probably a result of GM’s dual-mode exhaust system.


Our source tells us that the car produced a sound that is most likely coming from the V-8 engine. One powerplant came to our mind instantly, and it was the 6.2L LT1 V-8. Unfortunately just like every test car this one was camouflaged heavily. The company decided to cover up its front and back end and hood. Therefore we can’t really say much about the design, and we don’t know if it will be much different from the original sixth-gen, but it does look fresh and pretty.

We did, however, spot a few important differences. Engineers seem to have focused on the front clip, hood, headlamps, tail-lamps and a completely new back diffuser.

The 2019 Camaro is also going to get a whole restructuring of trim levels, and this is a fact since the company confirmed it. We expect to see a more affordable V-6 and V-8 versions which would probably make this sixth gen legend a bit more competitive in the market in terms of price. We believe that this was a good strategic move by the company because not only will they boost sales that dwindled with the fifth-gen model but they will also make Camaro great again by attracting new fans. You know how they say – the more, the merrier!