2019 Lincoln MKC crossover amped up its luxury level!


The 2019 Lincoln MKC crossover is nearly ready for showrooms, but for now, we have a perk of seeing it whole and uncovered. Lincoln has pretty much refreshed the vehicle all around, and now it is a truly stylish crossover that will offer you new driver-assistance and connectivity technologies plus a whole bunch of luxury items and options that will make you feel like royalty inside. Some of those luxury items are new Black Label personalized trim theme and the ability to pick an exclusive dinner from a curated list of chef-driven restaurants.

If you recall, some of the early predictions on the look of the MKC foretold the new Continental-style grille, and they were right as you can see from the images below. But besides the new grille, it also hosts a new LED headlamps and a pretty nice little trick where your Lincoln will welcome you and your passenger with a mat illuminated on the ground from underneath both front doors. From the tech side, you will be offered with new driver-assist features including a pre-collision assist warning and braking system that can detect pedestrians, plus available options like lane-keeping alerts, parallel-parking assistance, and a blind spot alert system. But this is all somewhat normal these days with any new vehicle, especially in this class, and it doesn’t say much about the royal treatment we mentioned before. Well, that is where you are wrong.


Lincoln, for its 2019 MKC, offers an option called the Black Label treatment, and it includes premium trim upgrades, but there is also a whole bunch of membership perks like annual vehicle detailing, anytime carwashes and access to a curated list of restaurants where feted chefs will prepare a special dining experience. There are three Black Label themes, and each of them is inspired by the arts, travel, fine food and culture, and they are listed below:

1. Modern Heritage, defined by a clean, modern aesthetic and Vianca White Venetian leather

2. Indulgence, which lives up to its cost with surfaces trimmed in Venetian leather and Alcantara and accents from Ziricote wood

3. And last but not least is inspired by the world of theater, featuring a diamond-L perforation pattern on the Alcantara cloth inserts finished with precisely stitched Foxfire Red piping, exotic wood accents and Jet Black Venetian leather with Firefox Red accents.

If you think that this is it, then you probably don’t know about the Reserve trim that will come with a Rialto Green cabin and black ash wood accents which, by the way, according to Lincoln, show what is currently popular in high fashion. Other options, again which are pretty much standard for each of these versions, include a panoramic roof and heated and cooled seats.


Besides interior, Lincoln thought of something else to make you feel like royalty, and it’s called “effortless ownership experience.” That means that you MKC comes with a standard pickup and delivery service to and from dealerships for service visits, but if your vehicle gets stuck in a service lot longer than you predicted, then you will be graced with a loaner Lincoln while the car is being worked on. This is, according to the company, the only luxury brand that offers such a service standard.

Lincoln President, Kumar Galhotra, stated that “For Lincoln, every client is unique and we want every element of the Lincoln shop, buy and own process to be a truly personalized and effortless experience.” There you go guys, if you want to be pampered beyond your wildest imagination, get yourself a brand new Lincoln. It seems that they actually do a good job!


One thing that we sort of forgot to mention is that the connectivity remained standard like before and it will go through the Ford’s SYNC 3, which is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with WiFi connection and USB ports throughout. But the most important thing here is the fact that the 2019 MKC will keep the previous crossover’s two turbocharged, direct-injection, four-cylinder powertrain options:
1. the standard 2.0 L that offers 245 HP, and
2. the 2.3 L direct-injection unit that produces 285 HP and 305 lb-ft of torque, and either one of these can be paired with Lincoln’s intelligent AWD system.

The downside to all of this is the fact that we do not know anything about the pricing of the 2019 MKC. You will have to be patient just a little more, we believe that the price info will pop up any day now, so stay tuned!

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