2019 Tech Trends That Will Transform the Way You Do Business


Business has already changed a lot over the last few decades. Technology has changed the way we do business by making it easier for us to communicate, maintain records, and much, much more, and it’s not done yet.

Changes in the tech world happen fast. Minute by minute, new platforms are emerging and new possibilities are being created, many of which have the potential to completely transform the way you do business.

Here are a few 2019 tech trends that are sure to impact the way you do business on a daily basis.

3PL Innovations

Third-party logistics (3PL) is no easy thing to manage. “What seems like a simple process can actually become quite complex depending on the storage location of your company’s inventory, the location of the customer, the size of the order, and the timetable for delivery.” ShipHero continues by adding, “When you factor in the potential for returns, it becomes even more complicated.”

Courier company AskAbsolutely argue that fortunately, there’s a lot of competition among 3PL providers, which is driving innovation. Modernized inventory management systems will make keeping track of shipments and returns a lot easier, especially as it relates to e-commerce and online fulfillment. Innovations in operational efficiency, especially as many employees age out, will make the process more accurate, and possibly more affordable.

Software Unification


It doesn’t matter what kind of software or app you’re looking for; you can bet that you’ll have tons of choices. Having so many choices ensures you make the right one for your business, but it also makes things difficult if you want the software you choose to communicate with each other.

Software unification will make that much easier. Instead of accessing an app for one kind of information and accessing another program for another set of information, a unification program will enable you to combine the information on both.

This will make it easier to compare data, but it will also make simple, everyday tasks much easier. For example, if customer information is changed on one platform, it will automatically be changed on other programs you use.

Increased Security


Security is a huge concern. Especially since so many breaches have been made famous in the news. Companies will continue to look for innovative security solutions in 2019, especially if eerie security predictions from Government Technology come true:

  • Breached credentials will become more accessible
  • Rise in sextortion cases
  • More attacks made to the cloud
  • More IoT and voice controlled devices attacked

Those threats just scratch the surface. In order to prevent or reduce the likelihood of that happening, innovative security techniques will be used. For example, you can expect to hear more about edge computing in the future. It involves taking a portion of an application or the data contained within it and storing it away from central nodes. In effect, information will be stored at the “edge” of the internet to prevent breaches.

5G Internet


It was only a matter of time. Do you even remember what life was like with 3G internet? Most of us are currently using 4G, but you can expect to see more 5G options and applications in 2019.

The biggest improvement will be to internet speeds. It also boasts little to no latency for instant internet gratification.

This advancement also will also work well with the internet of things (IoT), which is really picking up steam. It’s 5G that will enable more and more devices to connect. That means connecting company vehicles to other platforms and systems. You can even include the break room refrigerator if you upgrade to a smart fridge.

Artificial Intelligence


Don’t forget about artificial intelligence (AI)! It is going to change all of our lives. Businesses will definitely interact with artificial intelligence more than they ever have in the past. That’s because it will make doing business a lot easier.

Not only will AI enable business owners to utilize the services of a virtual personal assistant, but it can also help deliver a more personalized experience to customers. Not to mention, AI software will be able to help business owners maximize their time and automate even more manual tasks, making business operations even more efficient.

Technology has already transformed the way we do business, but you can bet it will continue to do so well into 2019 and beyond. From cyber-security to platform integration and automation, this list demonstrates that you can look forward to saving time and money on nearly every area of your business in 2019.