2019 Toyota Supra spied


Photos and the video of the Prototype for the new 2019 Toyota Supra leaked on the Internet.

When in 2011 Toyota and BMW joined forces to work on a sports car platform, Toyota announced this car. The developed platform will be used by BMW for the Z4 but the model will have a new name – BMW Z5.

We still don’t know the new Supra name for its sports version, but it has been hinted that the comeback is inevitable. Toyota has recently trademarked the Supra name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which is a solid sign that the new version will appear on the market.

People at SupraMKV posted a spy video of Supra prototype driving into the BMW M Test Center at the motorsport complex Nürburgring.

According to the leaked photos and a video, this new car will be smaller than the FT-1 Concept from 2014. This car served as an inspiration and some elements such jet fighter-style glasshouse and ducktail trunk lid are borrowed from it. Moreover, the car will have the same front that will stick out, double-bubble roof and rear fenders that will be muscular.

Unfortunately, this car won’t be on sale until late 2018 so it is labeled as a 2019 model. The only possibility is that the car appears at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of 2017 but, the chances are slim. Since it will be available probably in 2018, we do not know many details, but something is confirmed.

The new platform will have a front-midship layout. Furthermore, low hood and roof suggest that the car will have a low center of gravity. Some carbon fiber will likely be added to the car in order to reduce weight and upgrade strength.


As for the engine, it is expected that it will have more than one option. The range-topper will contain a hybrid engine which will combine a twin-turbocharged V6 and one or two electric motors. The front wheels will be powered by electric motors, whereas the V6 will be in charge of the rear wheels. Thus a hybrid setup “through-the-road” is achieved. The 2013 Hybrid-R concept has the similar setup.

Although this system is beneficial it is expensive, so it is likely that Supra will cost more than expected. It is rumored that it will cost more than a Corvette, which starting price is about mid-$50,000. Because of the high price, Toyota might offer another option with only twin-turbo V6, or a turbocharged inline-4.

Toyota is dedicated to the reduction of price, so it is possible that the production will take place at Magna Steyr’s factory in Gratz, Austria. The BMW will join Toyota and together they will share a facility and reduce the price.