Drafts feature on Instagram is available for all


Drafts app is going to become an official part of Instagram. They began to test this app last month and now everyone will be able to use drafts feature.

With the new app, the users will be able to save photos as a draft, so that they can edit it later. It will not be complicated to save your photo to your drafts as you only need to press the back button mid-post.

You can find your drafts located in a special section of the library, that will be there when you launch the app next time. It will be above the rest of your photos.

Moreover, there is a “manage” button so if you want to delete some of your drafts, you can do it.


Although this update is not a huge one, it is certainly much needed. Now, users can save the pictures they want to edit later, which previously wasn’t the case. It will be extremely useful for those who have a professional account and take a lot of photos they are about to edit. Moreover, people with multiple accounts will also find this app convenient.

The users will only love Instagram more with this update.