2020 BMW 8 Series spied


Many speculate about the future of the BMW 6 Series and many who saw this prototype may argue that there is a future for it, but we believe that the 6 Series project might be put on hold and offer precedence to long awaited 8 Series. The reason for that belief is hiding way back in 1990 when the 8 Series E31 was a serious contender to its throne and replacement for the tired and old E24 6 Series.

The prototype seen here, with a hefty amount of camo, is definitely going to revive the 8 Series once again, and judging by the looks of it, it’s going to be magnificent. Broad hips, which even heavy camouflage can’t hide, show that the car will have an eye-popping look and stance. Trough the camouflage we manage to get a glimpse of the inside layout, and it will clearly be 2+2. CLAR architecture is going to be utilized here, and it’s supposed to help with weight loss as well as to provide enough rigidness that can satisfy even the hardcore speed seekers.


The long hood of the car gives it a kind of Batmobile look, but it also helps the imagination of the BMW enthusiasts to get an insight into what is awaiting them. What we can tell you is that the hard working people from BMW have requested registration of many badges that will make your mind blow – 825, 830, 835, 845, 850, M850 and last but not the least the M8. If not this than I don’t know what shows the future of the 8 Series best.


The German manufacturer is working round the clock these past years to put much needed new life into its sports car and GT segment which was all visible on the i8 Roadster and the new Z5 (co-developed with Toyota) that are in the preparations. But more on this topic later on when additional info or spy shots resurface…

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