Should Alfred Morris Start At Running Back For Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys have drafted Running Back Ezekiel Elliot with their 4th overall pick in this years’ draft. Last season they didn’t really have that number one RB like they did when DeMarco Murray was on the team. They wanted to fill that void with Elliot. But, is he the best option for this team right now?

Alfred Morris is that veteran RB that Cowboys need right know. He knows where to run, where and when to hit those holes. Running behind this offensive line can make him look like one of the best Running Backs.

Elliot did run for 83 yards on 21 carries and a score, but he did fumble the ball two times, and that’s just unacceptable and seriously under the expectations. He still needs to get some touches, but Morris is the one that needs to be featured while Romo is out. Morris is the guy that gives them the best chance to win going forward without their starting QB.

Just a couple of years ago Alfred was one of the best at that position in the game. This O-line can give him new life in Arlington. When it mattered the most on Sunday, Garrett gave him the ball instead of Elliot to score that game-winning touchdown. That right there shows a lack of confidence in young rookie RB who still has some learning to do.

It is unlikely that Morris will star over Elliot since they want him to develop on the field, and, after all, they did use the 4th overall pick on him. And you don’t want your first round choice stuck on the bench behind a veteran. But, that is probably what is the best for Cowboys at the moment and if they want to win this season.