2020 Ford Bronco expected to sit on aluminium construction

Source: autoevolution.com

I think that it is out of the question to ask you “if you heard?” because let’s face it everybody did. The most famous vehicle at least in these past few months has been the Ford Bronco thanks to its build confirmation that came straight from the chairman of UAW Local 900, Bill Johnson, initiated by everybody’s favorite new President Donald Trump. It is going to be built in Wayne, Michigan and the Bronco is expected to arrive as the 2024 model year vehicle.

As everybody already knows, it is going to be built right alongside the all-new Ranger, and both of them are going to push out the Focus and C-Max from the Wayne factory, which just shows Ford’s commitment to these vehicles. These two will share a common platform that is supposed to bring a body-on-frame configuration. There is also a possibility that most of the underpinnings of 2024 Ford Bronco and Ranger will not be the same, but the reports are that Ford is set to use more aluminum than ever. We saw new F-150 that changed many things with the delivery of aluminum chassis and body so it wouldn’t be a surprise for us to see this treatment employed for Bronco.

Source: autoevolution.com

The powertrain options will be similar between these two, although it’s not certain that Bronco will receive everything as the Ranger but the most of Rangers gasoline engines are a sure thing. It is also a sure bet to expect a major part of the EcoBoost line in the offer for the 2020 Bronco, as well as a hybrid version that should not be dismissed. As for the driving configuration, Ford stays firm at least for now, that Bronco will be an all-wheel drive vehicle, but God knows what might change before the time comes for it to hit the market. What is sure is that the Bronco will receive the company’s latest multimedia systems available at the time, but the final design of the vehicle is still unavailable, apart from few speculations.

What we presume it will most likely happen is that Bronco will keep its square look, which made it an icon among its peers, but as time goes by it is OK to expect that it will get some sort of modern twist to the old silhouette that we all remember. Since the Bronco is due to arrive sometime in 2024, there is still a lot of time for many changes to be introduced.