‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 – Release Date, News And Spoilers


Fans of ‘The Blacklist’ are currently on pins and needles waiting to see what will happen in the continuation of Season 4. Namely, the show returns to small screens on January 5, 2017, adding three episodes to complete the 12-episode set of its fourth sequel.

Could Samar be the Spy?

A thing that interests everyone is whether the agent spying on Liz, played by Megan Boone and Red, played by James Spader, will be exposed at last. There are some rumors going around that Samar, portrayed by Mozhan Marno might be that agent. When Harold, played by Henry Lennix, comes to the conclusion that the whole country is in danger, the camera focuses four faces. These are Samar, Liz, Ressler, played by Diego Klattenhoff and Aram, played by Amir Arison. Namely, since Samar is the last to be shown, she somehow leaves the strongest impression. All we know from the show is that she is Iranian and that she joined Mossad after her parents had got killed by the government. We might find out something more about her in the remaining episodes of Season 4.

Pessimistic Forecast for Characters

There have been several images, GIFs and all other kinds of online materials to be found recently that have given us some hints from the following episodes. Namely, something might have happened to Red, since there is a GIF on the Twitter account of The Blacklist hints captioned “If we weren’t worried, we are now.” He might have made some mistake which cost him more than expected. Another image that has evoked the interest of fans is the one of Ms. Kate Kaplan, played by Susan Blommaert. Since she almost got killed helping Liz betray Red, the tension of the anticipation for Season 4 increases daily.


‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Release Date

Steve Piziks is said to have published the first novel for ‘The Blacklist’ on November 29, titled ‘The Blacklist – The Beekeeper No. 159’. A new Blacklister was brought to Liz by Red – The Bodysnatcher, an entity which has excelled in the kidnapping. However, this is not the greatest evil they will be facing. Let’s wait and watch ‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Episode 9 on January 5 next year.