Grant Cook, 28-year-old rugby player, dies in hospital


A young Australian rugby player lost conscience after a tackle during a game in northern NSW this weekend. He was transferred to the hospital, but unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save him.

This must be very hard for his spouse Colleen as he described him as a dedicated father and a loving husband. Grant also left two kids behind him.

Cook was lying on the field without any conscience when the police arrived there on a Sunday afternoon. The match was important since it was the preliminary final, but Cook suffered a serious injury just before the half.

” Police have been informed that the man collapsed shortly after being tackled during the match” as they said.

The officials gave their best to bring Cook back to life before an ambulance arrived but they were not successful. He got carried out of the field and they brought him to Gold Coast University Hospital. He didn’t survive the night because he was in a critical condition.

Cook’s wife is still trying to find the way to cope with this situation and she paid him a tribute via Facebook. She added a family picture on Facebook and wrote:”My goodness. Where to start? And what’s the correct way to announce the passing of a husband, son, father, brother, uncle, cousin, teammate and friend so many of us loved. My beautiful husband Grant is now an angel watching over us. Life can be so cruel. He has left a huge hole in my heart and I know all family, especially his parents, are hurting trying to understand this tragedy.”

When she saw him in the hospital, she was aware that he is not going to make it. She accepted that she “could not hold and kiss him forever and I had to at some point walk away from him and come home to look after our children”.

Moreover, Colleen wrote:”Walking away down that hospital corridor was one of the hardest things I have ever done. And I’m surprised I made it out with how heavy my legs and heart and body felt. We loved him so much, and he loved us. And I guess this part is what hurts me the most. Him not growing old with me and watching our children hit each milestone.”

Although she must be devastated, she was composed enough to thank everyone for their help and support.
“So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!”, she added.

Here is the rest of the text she wrote:

“I am unsure how we all will get by. But day by day it will happen. And I guess I wanted to those words out there as I do feel immensely proud of Grant. He helped so many, he loved unconditionally, he forgave others and taught me to do the same. He actually taught me many things. And held me together in my darkest days. He had the most beautiful blue eyes which both our children were blessed genetically with so that’s comforting I will see him in our children daily. My worries would always disappear with his presence, his beautiful smile and his kind words on how it will all be ok. Rest in peace Grant Geoffrey Cook. You achieved so much at such a tender age of 28. God took another good one away from us. He must have his reasons. But it doesn’t lessen my grief.You died doing something you loved so passionately, and I guess that’s how I have to look at it. You finally got to wear that number 6 jersey before the season was out too. I always did say I would love you forever and a day. And you know I will.”