Group Data Plans Expected on Google’s Project Fi

There are plans to launch group data plans of the mobile virtual network by Google named – Project Fi– to back up U.S T-Mobile and Cellular network. The service was initially made available to those on invite-only back in 2015 but has started opening its doors to 6p, 5X, and 6 Nexus since the beginning of the year.

Why Fi is unique is because it can take you to the network that is fastest in speed with 4G LTE, or 3G or even 2G. It also has the ability to move you to a data connection that is the fastest when you are making use of Wi-Fi that is not that fast. It also protects you from snooping when you are making use of public Wi-Fi by connecting you to Google’s Virtual Private Network.

Wi-Fi Assistant is the latter feature that is expected to also link you up with a public Wi-Fi that is open once identified. Nexus devices that are non-Project Fi were also given this option. You get lower costs for data paying as low as $20 for 2GB with the ones you did not use returned to you when you use Fi. If on the other hand, you use more, you will be made to pay for it.

With the latest update made for the Project Fi app, Android Police has made some detection of data plans in groups. It is not yet confirmed is this is true and if Google will allow group data plans to run on Fi. The update is such that Project Fi when creating options for group plan subscribers will have administrators made up of managers and the owner.

From the look of things, a company seems to be the one paying for the group data plans. By so doing, such a company can place limitations on the group. Notifications will be sent to administrators when someone goes overboard on data.

Options are given to administrators to either turn the data off for some users of the data or even set a time limitation as well. It can be set to turn-on on the next subscription data or as the administrator wishes. Although it may seem annoying to have your data shut off, but this comes in handy when you have employees or people that run off on data usage.

Administrators are also allowed to remove someone from the plan. When this is done, such a person can choose to go for a single plan. The users are also allowed to leave the group which the administrator will still pay for.

It is not yet clear on what the full details of group plans will entail, however, a launch of the plan is underway. There is a rumour making the rounds that Google will be making a hardware launch for Google Home, Pixel smartphones, and 4K Chromecast. All eyes are set on October 4th when an expansion will be made on Project Fi.