3 Crucial Games for Dallas Cowboys In The Upcoming Season


The Dallas Cowboys are one of the favorites after they had the successful season and they will face the usual suspects in the NFC East, and they are paired with the NFC West and AFC West in the upcoming season. Every match is important, but some games can create momentum, and there are bigger rivalries which teams take more seriously. These three duels will be crucial for the Dallas Cowboys in the new season.

New York Giants – September 10


It is the first home game, and the opponent is tough – the NY Giants. Anything can happen when these two teams play. We would like to point out that Elliott will not play, and the Giants will probably put pressure on the Dallas secondary. Dak Prescott is expected to throw the ball more with Elliott suspended, whereas on the other side, Eli Manning will have fantastic receivers to catch his passes.

This match is crucial because Dallas’ secondary can get a confidence boost after a victory and carry that confidence to the next game on the schedule. The Cowboys also need to prove that they can be the kings of the NFC East once more and that will not be easy.

Green Bay Packers – October 8


In last three years, the Packers were responsible for the Cowboys’ finished season on two occasions. The time to settle the score has come. The game is just before the bye week, and it would be nice to enter it with a victory. They will need that win so that they focus on not so tough SF 49ers and the Washington Redskins after that. With Aaron Rodgers representing the Packers, the outcome is never certain.

Seattle Seahawks – December 24


In Week 16, Dallas will face the Seattle Seahawks. The game is still far away, and its importance cannot be discussed at the moment, but one thing is for sure. Both teams are aiming for the playoff spot, and this match could shape the playoff picture. Some other NFL teams can be affected by the score. The victory against Seattle is always welcomed, and the loss could mean that Dallas would go to Philadelphia next week with the hangover. Beating Seattle is also a great confidence-booster right before the playoffs, and this is why it is essential for Dallas to win this duel.