Shark Swims Through Flooded Houston Streets


The Texas has been hit with floods after the Hurricane Harvey swept through the area four days ago. With the streets covered in water, people started noticing strange things, and numerous videos have been posted on social media which caused panic and confusion. One of those videos shows a shark swimming through the flooded street in Houston, the fourth most-populous city in the United States.

The hurricane inflicted serious damage to the city, with the number of casualties rising to 30. The entire city of Houston has been flooded and from the day one, people have been posting videos which show us these catastrophic weather conditions.

As we have already said, in one of those videos, we can clearly see the shark’s fin above the water level. The Twitter user Jason Michael posted a photo of a shark swimming on the freeway in Houston, right next to his vehicle.

According to the Washington Post, some people use this catastrophe to post information on social media, while the others make a video and share them with the world. However, they warn us that every time we see the photos or videos of sharks swimming through the flooded streets, it is probably fake. The same photo which appeared on Twitter after the hurricane Harvey was shared online after the hurricane Matthew hit the coast of the United States last year.

Because the sharks are popular, people usually believe these photos and videos are true, but the truth is quickly discovered. Do you believe the video and the image are real or not? If not, why would people post such things online?