3 Dream Matches For Wrestlemania


Wrestlemania season is in full swing and the biggest show of the year for the WWE is just around the corner. Final plans are being put together, and the company should start to execute them right away. There are some matches that all the fans would love to see, and they can probably only happen at the grandest stage of them all.

The Undertaker vs. Finn Balor – This one would be a classic. Two of the most iconic entrances that WWE has to offer. One is old school Undertaker’s show and the new school Finn Balor demon king introduction. That would be a beautiful sight and the biggest stage in the company. The Undertaker doesn’t have much time left in his career and putting over Fin Balor would be a perfect way to end his great run.


AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle – These two had some of the most amazing matches in TNA, and the crowd would probably go crazy to see them face off in the WWE ring. They do know how to work with each other, and there is no doubt that they would put on a classic if given a chance. Everybody wants to see Kurt Angle in the ring at least once more, and a match with AJ would be the perfect opportunity.


Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar – Talk about unstoppable force going up against the immovable object. This is a true dream match between two beasts that could actually happen at next year’s Wrestlemania. Joe is a legit brute, and WWE will build him up as a real threat to everybody on the roster. The Destroyer against the Beast Incarnate? Yes, please.