Dwayne Johnson – Q&A Session, He Wants To Save the World


Dwayne Johnson is a busy man, but he always has time to help others and save our planet – at least in his films. We have seen him in a lot of movies as a hero, and usually, he is a good guy, but despite many challenging productions, projects and other responsibilities, he always has some time to speak to the fans.

He has recently recorded a casual video and posted it on his YouTube channel, as we can see him talking about various things including the choice of his roles. The Rock said that he has come to the point where he skips audition, and other people just approach him with ideas and let him decide whether he is in or out.

He said: “They’re like, ‘Rock, we have this idea.’ I’m like, ‘OK, what is it?’ They’re like, ‘The Notebook 2.'” However, he wanted fans to know that he will definitely not play the main role in such a romantic movie, so the fans can only dream about it.

“[Then they have] this idea, where there’s something going on with the world, and you gotta change it, and you gotta save it, and I’m like ‘OK, I’m in.’ That’s what happens,” said The Rock. That proves that Dwayne Johnson will always be there to save the day. He played in movies such as San Andreas, Furious 7, Doc Savage, Baywatch, etc. and in these films we can see him in action.

He was also asked what his favorite cheat meal is and he couldn’t remember the name of it, so he asked the crew around him, but it is definitely some kind of pie. You can see the whole Q&A Session with The Rock in the video below.