3 NBA Teams That Need To Make A Trade Before The Deadline


We are 30 games into the NBA season so we can already guess which teams are going to competitive, who is going to make the Playoffs and who will be hoping for a good pick on a Draft Day. We are going to take a look at three squads that need to make a trade before the deadline.

3. Boston Celtics – It’s clear that the Celtics are one of the best teams in the East. They are probably right behind the Raptors and the Cavaliers as the third best squad, but they just aren’t on their level. If they want to be a threat to these two powerhouses this season, they need to make a move for a borderline All-Star or an actual All-Star player. They do have the assets to pull that off.


2. Philadelphia 76sixers – Sixers took three centers in the past four NBA drafts. They had hoped that at least one of them would turn out as an All-Star player, but all three of them actually have the potential to become an All-Star caliber. The best player between those three is Joel Embiid, so either Noel or Okafor or maybe both need to be moved as soon as possible.


1. Sacramento Kings – This team needs to move DeMarcus Cousins as soon as possible. His biggest value is right now. They might be able to move him on draft night, but the price won’t be as high as it is now. He is going to be a free agent next summer, and it’s likely that he won’t re-sign with the Kings. They need to make a move now, or they are risking Cousins leaving the crew or them not getting enough in return for him in the future trade scenarios.