Ranking All 6 AFC 2016 Playoff Teams


Week 17 is over, and it’s now time for a Playoff football. Only the best squads are left, and they will play for the ultimate prize. We are going to try to predict which Playoff teams are good and which are great in the 2016 NFL Playoffs.

6. Oakland Raiders – If Derek Carr was healthy, the Raiders wouldn’t be last on this list. Even if Matt McGloin was a sure thing for next week, we wouldn’t put Raiders as low as we have to do now. Two quarterbacks are down, and they were exposed in Denver in Week 17. It’s going to be tough for them to get out of Houston with a win next week.


5. Houston Texans – They are the winners of the worst division in football. They could even get to the Divisional Round just because they will be facing the banged up Raiders. Osweiler might need to play next week. Texans vs. Raiders is by far the worst matchup of Wild Card Weekend.


4. Miami Dolphins – Yes, they are down a quarterback right now, but their success is not based on their offensive firepower. They have some big playmakers at the wideout position, beast running back in Ajayi and good front seven. They will be traveling to Pittsburgh next week. Interesting matchup.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers – This was a tough call, but we are going to pick the Steelers as the third best in the AFC right now. It was a toss up between them and the Chiefs, but Steelers defense is the one that we don’t trust at all. Is the offense good enough for them to make up for their defensive deficiencies? We’ll find out.


2. Kansas City Chiefs – Good all-around football squad that plays a bit conservative, even when they can’t do that. Still, the Chiefs are playing winning football each and every season in the past couple of years, and they might be the biggest threat to New England and Tom Brady in the AFC.


1. New England Patriots – They are probably the best team in the league right now. The offense is firing on all cylinders, the defense has stepped up in the second half of the season. All of this resulted in only two losses for New England all year and the number one seed.