3 Reasons to Buy a Vauxhall 

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Looking for a new motor? Spoilt for choice? If so, have you considered a Vauxhall? With over 150 years of car-making expertise, every model guarantees a high level of quality. Not to mention, the brand offers a wide range of designs and makes. The brand history can be traced back to the UK, where it was born. Gaining popularity and establishing itself as a reliable car, these cars are driven by all kinds of drivers – young and old, alike. The car is one of the more popular models around and the reasons for that are plenty of reasons to buy one.

Let’s explore the main three here.

1. Easy Maintenance

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They are designed for practicality – and obviously, wherever you intend to drive your next vehicle, this is a key feature to look out for. A Vauxhall Combo Life, for example, is designed for transporting multiple passengers safely and smoothly – whether you use it for a road trip or the school run is up to you. Models like the Corsa 5DR, on the other hand, are compact and sleek, and so are ideal for navigating cities and busy roads. Whichever design you select, you can drive with complete peace of mind.

2. Smart Design

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The design of the cars offers both functionality and visual appeal – and that’s why they’re often used as company vehicles. If you and your staff regularly travel on business, why not invest in a sleek model? If your team of off-site representatives is relatively small, you could always invest in a Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport.

With its flashy exterior and spacious inside, this five-seater guarantees style and comfort, and is often the perfect way to make a statement. Like the nifty Corsa 3-door, it covers vast areas – and so, you and your team can travel across the country (and perhaps the world) feeling fully confident.

3. Long-lasting value

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It can be all too easy to forget about value retention when we’re buying a car – but this is a crucial point to consider. After all, you’ll likely want to sell it later down the line. If you buy a car like this, you’re pretty much guaranteed enduring quality. This could be particularly beneficial if you’re wanting to buy a set of cars for a fleet.

Should you decide to sell your business in the future – or to simply change your company’s principal transport method – you stand a better chance of making a profit when you come to sell your company vehicles. Invest in used models, and you’ll be able to save money on upfront as well as on ongoing costs. Head to The Motor Ombudsman website to find a reliable Vauxhall dealer such as Robins&Day.

Vauxhall has long been a trustworthy manufacturer – and its benefits go far beyond those we’ve discussed. Whether you are experienced or a young driver, looking for stability or cool and smart looks, Vauxhall has it all. Invest in this auto, and you can reap these perks for yourself.