3 Things You Can Eat for Breakfast That Doesn’t Include Weed Killer

Would you ever consciously consume weed killer? I hope not. But Roundup, the toxic chemical used widely in the agricultural industry, is what a lot of people are munching on to start their day. A study of 61 products found that trace amounts of weed killer have made its way into cereal, including Lucky Charms and Cheerios.

Determined to be a carcinogenic to humans, this weed killer is found primarily in oat-based products and cereals.

source: livestrong.com

Health officials claim that the trace amounts should be fine for human consumption, but it’s a significant risk to take. Roundup has led to over 8,000 lawsuits by people seeking damages for injuries, and there was also a recent case where long-term exposure to Roundup was found to cause cancer in a groundkeeper.

If you want to avoid the potential risks that your breakfast may have hidden away, it’s time to make a positive change in what you eat.

What can you eat for breakfast that doesn’t include this weed killer?

1. Eggs Rank as the Healthiest Breakfast

Eggs do tend to get boring over time, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not healthy. Eggs are a great start to your day because they’re able to produce a great feeling of fullness. When you start your day with eggs, you don’t need to worry about Roundup entering your body and causing cancer.

Studies have also shown that eating eggs in the morning leads to a lower consumption of food for the remainder of the day.

source: suchtv.pk

Eggs also help:

  • Maintain steady blood sugar levels
  • Maintain healthy insulin levels

Filled with antioxidants, eggs are also able to help with eye disorders and macular degeneration.

2. Green Yogurt is Another Delightful Choice

If you need a break from eggs, it’s time to change gears and go to the next healthiest choice: Greek yogurt. High in protein, Greek yogurt (not the flavored variations that are filled with sugar) will be able to help you maintain a healthy diet.

source: medicalnewstoday.com

Protein in the yogurt will help reduce the feeling of hunger throughout the day.

The hormone that produces that “full’ feeling is also increased thanks to yogurt, and this will lead to better overall weight control. Yogurt is also high in probiotics, so it acts as a great source of healthy gut bacteria.

3. Chia Pudding for a Sweeter Breakfast

Want to try something different? Chia seeds are a great choice, and a lot of people will use these seeds to make pudding. Adding in almond milk, berries and a little protein powder can make chia pudding a high-protein breakfast that:

Includes high levels of fiber

  • Reduces hunger
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Improves blood sugar
source: minimalistbaker.com

Rich in antioxidants, chia seeds have also been shown to protect cells from free radical damage. Chia seeds are a great option for decreasing inflammation in the body. When protein is added into the mix, you’ll have a very well-balanced breakfast that is high in protein and contains about 25 grams of protein to start your day.

And you’ll be able to steer clear of Roundup.