Accomplished Business Owner, Gary Brewster of Oneida Shares How to Effectively Promote Your Business During the Holidays


The festive season is approaching and the excitement that comes with this season can be felt in the air. Families have started planning for vacations, hotels have started to receive bookings, and travel plans are being laid out. While everybody else is buoyed by the excitement, as a business owner, you should also take advantage of the situation. One thing for sure is that these seasons do come and go and never last forever. Whenever they arrive, they present excellent opportunities to promote brands, products, and services to customers. Therefore, get ready to spring into action and allow your business to be the profit machine it was meant to be under such circumstances.

Some fantastic ideas on how to promote your business during this season listed by a successful businessman, Gary Brewster of Oneida are as follows:

  1. Luring customers

This is one of the most personal ways you can impress your customers. To make it a more effective way of promoting your business, you should have a seasonal package to offer to your customers. This forms the content of the message you intend to convey during the call. This convinces more customers to try the new product or service, by buying it during a seasonal offer. Remember to inform your customers that this promotion will expire on the date you have set. Encourage them to hurry and take advantage while the offer and the season still lasts.

  1. Your email for marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way of promoting your company. Besides sending your customers links to where they can find your products, emails can also be used to maximize sales.  Use the relevant tools to manage your list of addresses and send large volumes of messages to both existing and potential customers.


One advantage about this form of seasonal promotion strategy is that it reaches out to the customers whom you had sent a quote, served in the past, or supplied your products to. That means these are people who already have an idea of your company and product, hence all you will be doing is to ignite their interest in your product or service.

  1. Sending season’s greetings

The holiday season presents an opportunity to reconnect with customers and to make them feel part of the company. They need to be reminded that without them, your business could not have been as successful. One way to reconnect with customers is by sending them greeting cards and other forms of festive offers. Greetings sent during festive occasions ensure that you remain in the minds of your existing and new customers. This is a kind gesture and will have fruitful results for your business.


While designing greeting cards, ensure you use high-quality materials available. This boosts the image of your organization. There is a wide variety of colors you can choose from, but the best to go by is the company’s theme color. On the top you can use a photo or a pattern, then on the inside page, you can write memorable quotes. Please make sure that you do not use printed signatures because they make your efforts look obvious. Try and sign each card as this will make customers feel more appreciated.

  1. Involve your fans and brand campaigners

The holiday period provides a fantastic opportunity to engage your fans and brand activists. In this era of social media, ways of engaging your fans and loyal customers are innumerable. Some include running contests on Facebook, asking your fans to retweet your posts or to share them with friends. Another way is asking customers to share their holiday photos on your pages, including a short promo about your company or product. Encourage them to mention one thing they like about your company or product or use memorable hashtags that mention your business. Such contests create an extra-large pool of fans. It also relieves you from the task of coming up with creative and catchy content on your social sites. You can also be assured that the popularity of your company and product will be on the higher side.

  1. Use of promotional products

Everybody loves gifts. Small gifts for your employees and customers go a long way in thanking them for their continued support throughout the year. It also serves as an effective reminder of your brand, thus making it easier for them to recall it any other time in the future. The promotional items you use should be designed in a way that they meet the intended purpose. A gift to an existing customer may be different from that of a potential customer.


Customizing the products you intend to give away is another effective way of marketing your brand. The promotional product should highlight all your business interests. Examples include printing logos on bags, or imprinting your company name on flash disks among others.  Above all, remember to ensure that the quality of the promotional product represents the true image of your company.

  1. Inform customers when you close 

If you are also planning to go on a vacation this holiday, inform your customers in advance the days you will be on vacation. This is a kind way of keeping them from interrupting your vacation plans. On the other hand, it will help customers not to feel ignored. Depending on your plans, you can divert your business phone to your personal phone, which can be canceled when you don’t want interruptions, and then activated for the time you are back and up and running.

Now that you know what to do to make the holidays a profit-making period go ahead and make sure that this is the most wonderful time of the year for your business.

About Gary Brewster:  

Gary Brewster of Oneida, TN has led an impressive career as a successful business owner in his 25 years working in the commercial roofing industry in Oneida, Tennessee.  He is a trusted business leader who diligently helps customers solve any roofing issues or concerns. Through his commitment to growing successful businesses in the community, Gary has also invested in other industries such as Brewco LLC., TN KY Pawn, and T&T Car Wash.

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