3 Women’s Matches Scheduled For Elimination Chamber Is A Big Accomplishment


Women’s wrestling always took a back seat to the men’s wrestling. The storylines usually weren’t nearly as good, and the matches were decent, but still it was clear that the women really aren’t as good in the ring as the men were. In today’s WWE, things have changed. The women that are on the WWE roster today are more than capable of having some show-stealing matches on any given night.

We usually get only one women’s match on pay-per-view, and it’s usually the Women’s Championship duel. Maybe there is one more match here and there, but it’s never on the main card, it’s usually on the pre-show. Even though there are some great girls on the Raw roster, the women of Smackdown are much more interesting simply because of the better booking.

It’s pretty remarkable that the people who are booking the Smackdown Live shows have succeeded to put together three women’s feuds at the same time and actually make them all interesting. It doesn’t feel forced, and everybody is getting an opportunity to shine.


Naomi is one amazing performer, and she looked like a legit superstar in the past couple of weeks. Moving in the ring and doing great spots is what Naomi does and it’s always fun to watch. Alexa has been fantastic on the mic as a heel and has been the MVP of women’s division on Smackdown so far.

Becky Lynch and Mickie James will have a great match for sure. James has been sensational as a talker so far and has brought out the best in Becky. Natalya is cringeworthy as a face, but she has done a good job as a heel in this feud with Nikki. The insults in this storyline have been real, and they will also have a match at Elimination Chamber.

Becky and Mickie will probably have the best fight out of all the girls, but we think that all these duels will deliver on Sunday.