3D Illustrations too good to be true: 20 Examples that will mess with your head!


Technology nowadays has reached that level where you can create a picture or modify it, and no one could really tell whether it is real or not. We’ve found some marvelous 3D illustrations coming from real professionals. Beware! These will blow your mind!

Creativity, skill, technique and talent are all features of bizarre scenes depicted in these pictures. Here you will see what Adobe Illustrator is capable of and what kind of masterpieces you can make with that great software.

We have created a list of surreal 3D illustrations just for you, and we can promise that you will be thrilled, just go through the entire article.

Let’s take a look!

1) Creation/Destruction


What a marvelous set of cunningly designed illustrations with a beautiful concept behind that sends a strong message. Take a closer look at the complete collection and find out what it is about.

2) Migration


Wild animals and beautiful textures are the gist of this wonderful mix. Click on the link above to see for yourself.

3) Santal – Il Sapore Della Frutta


We present to you the amazing artwork designed for the brand Santal. This set shows three fruity flavors. By combining various references from the geographical origin of the fruits designer made these stunning illustrations.

4) World’s Smallest Bakery


This cutting edge illustration presents the interior of a toaster. It was a design specially created for an Australian bakery. Inside the toaster, you will see the world’s smallest bakery. The concept was named ‘Toast it.’

5) Heavy Weight


Do you have a problem with weight? We hope you don’t, but in these incredible pictures, you can see how the designer ‘magically’ got rid of the unwanted weight for the girl in the picture. Hard work and dedication or just a crafty artist using an extraordinary technique? This time the answer is – designer!

6) Surreal Worlds


The worlds which you will see in this beautiful set will leave you speechless. It is clear that this artist is a creative person with magnificent imagination. Take a look.

7) North Pole 3D


Beautiful idea and concept combined with world-class execution will result in success. This image is a perfect example of ‘success.’ The level of detail of the features from the scene is outstanding.

8) Vodka Body


Neat techniques were used for the creation of this high-end digital artwork. The idea behind this beautiful design is quite impressive, and therefore this illustration caught our eye instantly.

9) ASICS: LA Marathon


This design was created so as to support the Los Angeles Marathon. It depicts the beautiful LA on the bottom of a shoe. Great design with a brilliant level of details.

10) Animals reconquer the world


Here we have a wonderful illustration with a strong message behind it. Take a look at this masterpiece created by various talented artists that show no lack of creativity.

11) The Guardian by Tesparg


This incredible picture presents a display of different techniques combined with a lot of creativity from the artist.

12) Requiem for Industry


Shade and Adobe Photoshop were used for this magnificent architectural presentation. High level of detail is incredible.

13) If I Lose My Mind by Skokie


This is an abstract artwork, and you can see that the creator used a lot of techniques. To achieve this, the author used software such as Poser, Max, Rhino and others.

14) Cubic Apple by Yurishopa


At first glance, one can see that these beautiful apples don’t have that usual round shape. Instead, they bear a square shape. The designer also beautifully used the green color. This work owes its glory partially to Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

15) The Deep by VileYonderboy


Yet another wonderful illustration with stunning design. Looking at this one, we know for sure that next time we go for a swim in the sea, we’ll be sure to look underneath the surface.

16) Egg Hunt: Saving the Lost Race by =NightsongWS


This one resembles a scene from a fantasy movie. It appears like it is from another world where a man and a woman protect a humongous egg. Brilliant idea that was excellently realized.

17) The Nobodies


This design is a bit creepy and looks like a scene from ‘Matrix’ movie. Sci-fi all the way, this illustration has a great level of detail and an amazing overall design.

18) Alien Crypts by GypsyH


Here we have a design that looks as if it is from a foreign world. The idea for this one was most probably taken from a sci-fi movie.

19) My new vision… by obsolete-angel


A great deal of creativity and incredible techniques were used for this awesome illustration. It may provoke nightmares, but it was done beautifully.

20) Skream Variation by roache7


Last but not least, here we have a brilliant illustration with an outstanding design showing tons of creativity from the creator. Among various techniques, the designer used outstanding lighting which was executed perfectly.