Dwayne The Rock Johnson loves to keep his legs in shape on regular basis and never forgets to include this exercise


Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been a positive and powerful motivation for many people for years, especially when it comes to working on their physical strength. Depending on which part of your body you feel should be improved, Dwayne will be there to inspire you to work beyond your possibilities.

His Instagram profile is a suitable ground when you’re seeking this kind of inspiration. According to Johnson, he hardly ever misses the opportunity to work on his legs, even more, the leg exercise has become an essential part of his activities. There’s, however, one segment in his leg routine that he doesn’t forget to include. As many as 4.2 million people have already seen the clip posted on his profile where Johnson is showing his warm up activity.

He also left his comment for those who watch the video:

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“Fun warmup activating glutes and hips before destroying legs,” he said. “5 second hold at the top, squeezed, with resistance bands above the knees using 225lbs. Gotta warm up properly due to all my se*y lower body injuries from years of wrestling and football (two L4 & L5 low back disc ruptures, five knee surgeries, torn Achilles, tore both my quad and adductor from my pelvis and repaired three hernias all in one lovely emergency surgery). Lots of fun pain, but we fight thru it and come back stronger and better.”

He also added what else could be an extra when doing this exercise:

“Plus this exercise showcases the relentless power in my thrust game which is my jam when we practice making babies.”

He also emphasized the importance of warm-ups and took a chance to warn about the possible consequence for those who have a tendency to skip them:

“Bottom line/ do your warm ups. They’re critical,” he stated. “As tempting as it is to blow off warm-ups (which I, myself, have been guilty of doing literally hundreds of times) it’s a good way to mess yourself up so you can’t get back in the gym for an extended period (which I, myself, have been guilty of doing literally hundreds of times twice).”


The reason his posts and his words sound so believable is simply because he is a man of experience. So, let’s listen to the word of wisdom as it is coming from our favorite actor.