Should 49ers Be Favored Against Cardinals With Carson Palmer Being Out?

Arizona Cardinals have had a horrible start to the season. The team that was supposed to battle for Super Bowl crown is standing at 1-3 after first four weeks and on the verge of being irrelevant. They are just one loss away from being done with this season.

Now with Carson Palmer being out, and Cardinals playing on the road, should San Francisco be favored to win this match? It’s tough to say. Palmer has also been pretty awful since the start, just like every receiver that is not named Larry Fitzgerald.

This squad just can’t get it together as they are losing to the teams that should never beat them. Why should we even think that they can beat San Francisco on the road? The team that has played just as well, or just as bad as Cardinals.

It will be the matchup of two crews that are in search of their identity. We just can’t say that 49ers should be the favorites because they have been just as bad as their opponent. But, they at least showed some signs of life last week as they were good in the first half against Cowboys. Gabbert was decent to start the game, but he is still the second best signal caller on this squad.

Cardinals will have a tough task tonight. They need to win to keep their season alive. If they lose, it’s done. Right now, we just can’t pick either team. Anyone’s guess is just as good as ours. The best way to pick one here is to toss a coin.