Dak Prescott getting close to a record for passes without interception

There are many reasons for why did Dak Prescott manage to throw so many passes without an interception. It could be attributed to his safe play, a good offensive line of Dallas Cowboys but if you ask Prescott himself, it’s only luck. Dak Prescott is aware just like the rest of us that he was extremely fortunate during Sunday’s game against 49ers.

During one of the drives on the third play, he throws the ball directly into the hands of Eric Reid. The part where luck stepped in was the moment when Reid drops the ball. It was a huge relief for Prescott and entire Cowboys franchise because the game could end in defeat if Eric Reid kept the ball.

This exact moment Prescott described as “Good Fortune”. He knew he made a mistake but the dropped ball came, and Prescott went on to win the game for Cowboys.

Source: foxnews.com
Source: foxnews.com

After the 49ers game, Prescott stands at 131 pass attempts, during which he wasn’t intercepted even once. The record he is chasing, and hoping that will be broken is Tom Brady’s that stands at 162 passes without an interception. If he is able to break this record comparison between him and above-mentioned Brady will be inevitable. There are many ways for rookie QB to start his career and Prescott choose the right one.

Another rookie QB that has started his career without an interception, and so far without a defeat is Carson Wentz, but he has played only three matches because Eagles were on a bye last week.

Dak Prescott in eyes of Cowboys next opponents

A lot of people are in awe of Prescott and his current and possible achievement, and one of those is Bengals QB Andy Dalton. He was quoted saying that it’s hard to replicate some of the things that Prescott does. He is praising Prescott for his ability to stay calm on the ball, and not rush anything. No turnovers so far made winning possible for the Cowboys and Dalton stated that’s from huge impact Dak has on the games.

Cowboys are currently to a 3-1 start but are facing serious Bengals test. Cincinnati defense is at the moment ninth best in the league and is by far the best Cowboys had to face this season.

Source: espn.com
Source: espn.com

In preparation for this match, Prescott stated that he is familiar with the Bengals team, their QB Andy Dalton and that he is prepared for the challenge that the Bengals front seven represent.

His exact words were: ‘We look forward to it.’