5 Best Free Spins Promotions


Though traditional casinos are by no means losing on their popularity, the profits generated by online casinos are growing significantly faster. You don’t have to travel, and you could engage in your favorite past-time at any point of the day. In a second, you’ll learn what the methods used by the casinos to attract new players are, and where to find best free spins promotions. Let’s go!


Types of bonuses for new players

According to the experts at Bonus.ca, the most effective way of attracting new players is to allow them to play for a bit for free. Many players are wary of investing their hard-earned money into something that may not be enjoyable. That’s why casinos offer different types of bonuses for newcomers. It is most likely that on the website of a casino you’ll find information about the type of the bonus it provides. It could be called in several ways:

  • New player bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Free spins

Not all of them mean the exact same thing. No deposit bonus means that you don’t need to invest any funds for the bonus to apply, which is a great way for the newcomers to try out the casino. Any other phrase could mean anything, which is why you should read the details.

It could be that you don’t need to deposit anything first, but other casinos will only add the bonus after you’ve transferred real money. Instead, they offer to double, or triple the amount that you’ve transferred to your account.

“Free Spins” could mean that after you’ve created the account, you are free to try out the game for free, or that you’ll be given a bonus once you’ve purchased a specified amount of spins. That’s why you should read the information on the website first.

Does it actually work?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Sure, you might win real money using only the funds that were on your account right from the start, but most online casinos have a wagering requirement. It means that you’ll be able to withdraw the money that you win after you’ve bet a specific amount of money.

The most popular online casinos that offer free spins promotions are:

  • Red Stag. There’s a $2500 bonus after you sign up, and additionally, you receive 500 spins for free.
  • Uptown Aces offer an $8888 bonus for new players and 350 free spins.
  • Planet 7 offers a $350 bonus for a first deposit and 55 free spins.
  • Slots of Vegas. They offer a 400% bonus for newcomers and 35 free spins.
  • Ruby slots offer a 300% bonus and 35 free spins for new players.

Okay, so what are the other methods used by the casinos to retain their clients?

Re-deposit bonus

To encourage the players to keep betting, online casinos often offer to increase the sum of money that the players can use up. It could be due to an in-game event, or as a reward for frequent deposits.


Another method that casinos use to attract new players is by offering bonuses for specific games. It is an often-used technique when new titles are being released.


Mobile bonus

Mobile devices allow us to access the internet at any point of the day. It means that there’s nothing stopping potential customers from trying their luck in an online casino. Given the fact that the mobile traffic generated by mobile devices is increasing, casinos try to keep up with the trends, by offering generous bonuses for the players who choose to use their smartphones.


Not all the rewards are in-game. Some casinos send real gifts to the most dedicated customers. It is an effective method of building trust between the casino and its most loyal customers.

Time bonus

Most casinos organize events during which for an hour, or two, a specific game can be played for free. During this time, many players will ignore all their other responsibilities and try their luck.


Be careful!

All those bonuses can make it seem like winning real money in an online casino is a child’s play. Well, for some reason they aren’t going bankrupt, are they? That’s why before you decide to start your journey as a gambler, you should gain a bit of experience with online casinos that you can test for free. If you think that you can control yourself, and you won’t end up losing a fortune on online gambling, then sure, go ahead. Just remember to be careful.