5 Best WWE Tag Teams Of All Time


Tag Team wrestling can be beautiful to watch if the four wrestlers in the match have great chemistry with each other and know how to tell a story in the ring. We have seen some good tag team duels in NXT, but in general, the company lacks high-quality tag teams that are booked as legit threats and that people want to see. Luckily, there have been some great tag teams in the history of the WWE, and we are here today to list them.

5. Hardy Boys – Matt and Jeff Hardy have been great in the WWE as they have found success both as a tag team and as individual acts. Today, they are wrestling all over the world as they are among the most popular wrestlers in the industry, but it’s not for the WWE. They will be back, hopefully.


4. Edge and Christian – This is another example of a good tag team that has produced two big stars later. Well, Edge became one of the top guys in the organization, but he was first known for his matches with his partner Christian. Masters of the “five-second pose” knew how to get the job done.

3. Dudley Boys – D-Von and Bubba Ray wrestled all over the world, but they are and will be remembered for their run with the WWE as they have won nine tag team championships during their reign. When D-Von goes to get the table, people are going crazy.


2. Hart Foundation – The Hitman and The Anvil. These two are an old school tag team coming from a family that is well-known wrestlers that had a decent amount of success. Bret The Hitman Hart, is also one of the biggest singles stars that WWE ever pushed.

1. Demolition – Before the Road Warriors took over the WWE in the 90s, the Demolition was a tag team to beat. They held the records for most days with the title with 478 before the New Day broke it. But, they are still holding the record for 698 days combined with the tag team gold in the WWE.