Djokovic’s son had an accident: Novak’s parents immediately headed for Monaco

Son of Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena has had an accident while riding his bike which is why he is in need of wearing a cast.

Apparently, he was playing at his home in Monte Carlo, where this family has been living for years when he fell and hurt his arm. This injury shook the whole family, including Novak’s parents, who were not around at the moment.

Stefan was riding a small, children’s bike, on a trail close to his home in Monte Carlo. Although he was under the watchful eye of his mother Jelena, he fell off his bike. He started to cry a lot, so Jelena decided to take him to the doctor immediately. She got frightened that it could be a serious injury. After a medical check, it has been established that boy did not have any fractures, but he was given a cast anyways for precautionary reasons. The cast will be removed during the next week, and his hand will be in a perfect condition. So luckily, nothing serious happened to little Stefan.


And Novak seems to be joking with Stefan about him having his first physical injury. Novak’s parents, Srdjan and Dijana, booked their flight for Monte Carlo immediately upon hearing the news.

Jelena gave them a call to tell them what had happened and they said they were coming in a heartbeat. Instantly they headed towards Monte Carlo, just to be close to Stefan. Well, that’s probably what most grandparents who worry for their two-year-old grandson would do.

Stefan will recover quite quickly, and he will hopefully continue to ride his bike. This is yet another opportunity for his famous father to give autograph 🙂