Dwayne Johnson Surprises Staff On His Visit To The Fast Food Joint In-N-Out


Dwayne Johnson visited the popular In-N-Out for the very first time, and the staff was surprised to see him while some fans couldn’t believe the fact that he has never eaten there until recently. In-N-Out is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in California.

The 44-year actor posted a photo on Instagram where we can see him in his car as he pulled up into the drive-through, smiling and showing thumbs up to the camera, with two employees behind him. The Rock finally visited In-N-Out as he went on to get a late-night snack with his 32-year old girlfriend Lauren Hashian and his daughter Simone Garcia-Johnson.

He captioned the shot: “I’ve never been to IN-N-OUT before, but when my lovely ladies @laurenhashianofficial & @simonegjohnson wanted late night grub, I happily obliged and pulled in the drive thru. Seriously, the most excited and suuuuuper nice fans ever. Thanks Victor (manager pictured here) and staff for being so cool. You made my ladies very happy with the burgers, fries and shakes and that’s what it’s all about.”


After that, the famous Hollywood actor promised that he will come back to the restaurant in his tux if Moana wins an Oscar on Sunday. He wrote: “If our Moana wins the Oscar this Sunday, I will return – in my tux and completely destroy multiple burgers and fries to celebrate. I’m talkin’ about takin’ cheat meal to another level. Thanks guys for being so cool. And for the free ketchup. #InNOut #NewestAndBiggestFan #Literally.”

Moana is an animated movie about a girl who tries to save her village, and in order to do so, she joins forces with a Demigod, who becomes her sidekick. Moana has been nominated for Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature Film.