5 Blogger Outreach Basics That You Must Follow For Success


When it comes to strengthening your online presence, building relationships with niche influencers has emerged as one of the key strategies. Blogger outreach, therefore, becomes a core component of a future-proof digital marketing plan for any business. As the name implies, blogger outreach involves reaching out to popular bloggers or influencers in your niche and building relationships with them.

Essentially, these relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial; while you give them valuable content as a guest post, they help you to extend your reach to the targeted audience. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But there is much more to blogger outreach than you can imagine. Let us highlight the basics that you must follow to achieve success with this strategy.


Connect with influencers who matter

When you avail professional Blogger outreach service, these experts will start by identifying the influencers who really matter. In-depth research of your audience is the starting point. At the same time, it is also important to list the popular blogs in your niche and pick the ones that are followed by your target audience. The idea is to focus your efforts only at places that are likely to get you in touch with your target audience.

Reach out in a personal way

No matter how big the influencer is, try connecting with them in a personal way to get their attention. Unfortunately, marketers tend to use mass-produced templates as a part of their outreach strategy and this seldom impresses the bloggers. Rather than doing so, try getting in touch with personalized emails that are created with the objective of building long term relationships.

Stay connected

Blogger outreach is a long-term strategy rather than a one-time effort to connect with the influencer through an email. Stay connected with them through regular interaction on social media and commenting on their posts. Start tagging them socially to your posts, particularly when you think that these posts may be of interest to them. This would keep you in their sight and make them willing to accept your content for guest posting.

Content is the key

Blogger outreach experts at OutreachMonks prioritize content above everything when it comes to tailoring a successful guest blogging strategy. Starting from the topics you share as a part of your pitch to the final content of the guest post, every single word should serve value to the influencer and ultimately, the readers. After all, influencers have a reputation to uphold and nothing but truly valuable content is desirable to keep them on the top.


Track and improve

Having your guest post live is just half the work done as tracking the results is equally important. Do track the referral traffic and social engagement that the published content fetches for you. In case you are not getting expected results, you may have to realign your strategy and even look for a different influencer to improve it.

These blogger outreach basics are more than basic as they can go a long way in getting you tangible benefits with all the hard work you invest. Make sure that you follow them for achieving the desired success.