5 Major Reasons To Use VPN Service For Android TV

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Android TV is one of the most successful replacements by Google after Google TV got shut down. It is a kind of smart TV specially built for the Android environment where you can easily stream movies, videos, games, and other contents via numerous in-built apps.

Since it follows cord-cutting service and works on the internet, having an additional layer of protection is essential for security. VPNs for Android TV helps in making your internet connection secure by connecting it to a virtual server thereby hiding your online activity from ISP and all third party sources. The following are the 5 reasons why you need a VPN for Android TV.

1. Protects online data

When it comes to connecting any device with internet, maintaining privacy is the ultimate requirement. By using a VPN for Android TV, you can maintain strict privacy on your online data. You can check out the website called https://www.vpncrow.com/ where you can find fast and secure VPN for Android TV.

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When you connect to the internet by VPN and use it further for operating Android TV box, it tunnels your online browsing activity with added encryption layers which cannot be decrypted by anyone without the decryption key.

As a result, it protects you from continuous surveillance by your ISP and online hackers.

2. Help you go anonymous

Due to low-level internet security, IP addresses of the users easily get exposed to third parties and misused in many ways. They can use your IP to download illegal contents, sell your details in advertisements, turn your network into endpoints, etc that can make you face serious cybercrime consequences.

But, a good paid service VPN hides your original IP address and replaces it with a virtual IP with a different location. As a result, if the ISP or third party tries to pry on you, they will only see you connected to a VPN and nothing else. You check out this guide to understand why you should avoid a Free VPN while streaming.

3. Secures public connections

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It is advisable to setup VPN on Wifi routers for connecting to Android TV. You just need a one-time setup and login. That’s it; your TV will get automatically connected when you are in range.

But, in case if you wish to do connect Android TV with public Wifi or hotspot; using a VPN will secure you from the digital thieves. Before connecting to any public Wifi or hotspot, make sure you get connected to VPN first and then use the connection for your Android TV. This way it will secure your internet connection.

4. Helps to access geo-restrictions

If you use Android TV, you will come across many applications that are geo-restricted to specific countries. Some contents you will be able to stream while for some you will see the message of getting restricted for your location.

In such cases, VPN helps you by accessing those restricted contents. Staying in the UK, you can use a US based VPN server. The virtual server will show your location from the US hiding your original UK location and hence letting your access the content/site. Now, if you want the best vpn for fire stick then you can always count on howtofirestick.com.

5. Access full Netflix contents

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One of the main reasons to use Android TV is to enjoy plenty of Netflix shows, movies, and episodes in higher resolution compared to smartphones and computer.

Generally, if you browse Netflix, you will find many shows are restricted for your locations and are literally dying to watch them because of their popularity or interesting content.  By using a VPN for Android TV, you can access all Netflix contents breaking the geo-restrictions and choosing your desired location server that is allowed for the content.