5 Mistakes When Hiring Professional Copywriting Services


Professional copywriting services aren’t freelancers or those who claim to have decades of experience without a list of clients. Professional writers are people who have experience working for mainly the advertising industry. Many may have initially worked at digital marketing and ad agencies. So, the biggest mistake that buyers make is assuming that anyone claiming to have a great deal of experience is a professional.

Unfortunately, people masquerading as professional copywriters and/or a blogger give the real professionals a bad name. So, to save yourself from having to go through the pain of hiring a company or individual that isn’t professional, please avoid the steps below.

Mistake no. 1: Cheap Professional Copywriting Services


Professionals, as you’d imagine, will never be cheap. Though they may be relatively cheap to remain competitive. However, if a writer or a team is offering to draft your landing page for just $2-3 per 100 words, or the entire page for $50, then there is a good chance these people aren’t professionals.

Copywriting professionals can make way more money than that working for a digital marketing agency where the average hourly rate is $50/hrif, not more. So, why would any writer spend 2 hours if not more drafting a landing page for $50?

Mistake no. 2: Not Talking About SEO


Yes! SEO copywriting is different from marketing or ad copywriting. However, if you’re getting website content drafted, make sure that you have a list of keywords for each one of the pages. You should have one primary keyword and two secondary ones.

Copywriting services these days tend to offer both professional SEO copywriting and regular landing page or marketing copy. So, before you place an order make sure to have all the information to send the company. Not having all that information will result in the copy which isn’t optimized for search engines. So, if you don’t rank the company isn’t exactly the one to blame.

Mistake no. 3: Not Testing the Service…First!

As we mentioned earlier, there are many so-called copywriting services, but few are the real deal. The only way you can make sure of it is to test the service. Buy their cheapest package, or get a standard 500-word article written by the company. Then based on the quality, you receive decide to move forward.

Most professional services will not have to abide by a minimum order because they are OK with people trying the service. If the copywriting company insists that you buy a large package, or spend more money, then it’s time to move on to the next company on your list.

Mistake no. 4: Not Asking the Right Questions


A writing service will always make sure that the content is original. However, how do you know that? The company should guarantee that the content will pass Copyscape. If it does not, you should have the right to ask for a refund. Companies like Copywriting Services Pro don’t mention anything about originality checking via Copyscape, but they make sure that each piece of content passes. So, make sure to ask.

Mistake no. 5: Not Communicating

Crowd Content reports that Many people place an order, and then they forget about it. It is as if they never intended to get anything written. Later when they receive the copy, they never even look at it until it is time to publish it. By then it is too late. The copy might have errors, may be factually incorrect or perhaps even not what you ordered.

When you hire a copywriting service make sure to keep in contact. Always get revisions ASAP, and finalize the copy even if it is going to be published later. This one step will save you a lot of time, money and effort moving forward.