5 Reasons You Need a Portable Generator


Blizzard in the winter, thunderstorms during the summer or other extreme weather conditions can cause a power outage. How prepared are you for a sudden outage if a serious weather emergency strikes?

A lot of people struggle to decide whether to choose a portable generator or a home standby generator as a source of backup power for their homes in case of a power outage. If you are trying to decide what kind of generator is right for your home, consider these reasons as you make your choice.

Portable generators are considerably less expensive


If the price is a deciding factor for your home, then a portable generator is just for you. You can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a portable generator. These units can cost you anywhere between $400 to $2,000 depending on where you buy them. This is a much lower price point than if you were to buy a permanently installed home generator.

Portable generators can provide enough backup power for your home

Most of the experienced generator users get a portable electric generator to be prepared in case of a power outage. To have a portable generator means that you will always have the power available in the event of an emergency. These units can offer you power anytime and anywhere you need it.


Whether you simply want to make sure that your water heater and fridge continue running during a power outage or a family member has medical equipment that must be powered all the time, portable generators can provide you with the power you need when an emergency strikes.

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Portable generators can be used for recreational activities

Whether you are taking your family on a camping trip or you are following the big game with your friends, a portable generator will allow you to enjoy the beauty of electricity everywhere you go. Unlike a permanently installed home generator, you can hook up your portable generator to anything you want to. From electric stoves to coffee makers to bug zappers to fans and more.

Whether you want to set up in your local park or your backyard, you do not have to live without electricity as long as you have a portable generator that can provide you with power.


Portable generators enable on-site work

If you are a contractor, there is a high chance you are working on sites that do not have any electricity available. With a portable generator, you can have ac convenient source of power for you to power all your tools anywhere you are located. Whether you need to power a spray gun system for a painting job, portable lights or an air compressor, a portable generator will do the job.

Portable generators keep small businesses running

If your small business offers services such as the internet or telephone network, it could be severely affected by a sudden power outage that can last more than a few hours. If you work in health services, then a portable generator is very important for your patients.