5 Successful People without A College Degree

Education develops a person’s desire and enables her/him to think and learn about the world around her/him. School and college degrees provide some bookish knowledge with a certificate, and to some extent, it provides some practical experiences. Many students are buying college essays to ease their education and balance their life. Especially in the tech industry, most of the tech mavens rarely believe in going back to school after enrollment or after a year or semester to learn something. Following list represents the stars of technology which will shine forever in the sky of technology.

1. Steve Jobs 

source: cnbc.com

A name, which will ever glitter like a shining star in the sky of technology. Late Steve Jobs, the Co-Founder, chairperson and CEO of “Apple” – world’s renowned and biggest company. He, along with Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, is the pioneer of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970’s and 1980’s. In 1972, he attended college and dropped out in the same year. During 1974, he went to India to study Buddhism. Finally, in 1976 he started his company “Apple” in a garage of his house. He has decided to serve humanities with technology and thus introduced Apple 1 computer.

2. Bill Gates

source: cnbc.com

Another shining star of technology. In 1973, Bill Gates started his college at Harvard, but fate had decided something else for him. Two years later, he dropped his college and found Microsoft – world’s largest PC software company. He has served as the CEO and chairperson until the year 2000.Nowadays; he focuses on his charity work and serves as a technology advisor to Microsoft.

3. Paul Allen

source: forbes.com

Late Paul had co-founded Microsoft along with Bill Gates during 1975. Both of them were the same high school mates. He started his college at Washington State University and to pursue his dream; he left college after two years. The dream to become a programmer was following his steps until he ended up with his education and started his new venture by becoming a Programmer for Honeywell. The Washington State University had conferred its highest award to Allen, and he had received an honorary degree during 1999.

4. Larry Ellison

source: wsj.com

Larry Ellison built the backbone of the multi billion-dollar software company Oracle during 1977. He was the CEO and co-founder of Oracle. Currently, he is serving as the founder and CTO of Oracle. At the University of Chicago, he had completed only a semester, and he dropped out again during 1966. In 1977, he came up with a company named Software development labs and renamed it as Oracle.

5. Michael Dell

source: redfm.ie

The founder, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, Michael Dell was another Tech expert of 1980’s and 90’s. He was enthusiastic in the field of computers. To fulfil his parent’s wish that, one day he will be a renowned Doctor, he took admission in the University of Texas as a Premedical student. He could not continue and just after a year, he left because by that time, he became a successful person in selling and refurbishing computers. Now, Dell is still selling his dreams, serving as the CEO of Dell Technologies – one of the world’s largest technology infrastructure company.

Here, we have learnt about the leaders in technology who were college dropouts. Many Thesis helpers keep coming with biographies of such people. When someone is not good at academics that does not mean that, the person cannot think big, or touch the sky. Motivation and inspiration come from the stories of people who were once an ordinary social being.