How Educational Tours Elevate Essay Writing Skills in Students

During their academic journeys, students feel burdened by the enormous homework they have to handle every day. Field trips and educational tours increase students’ knowledge through practical, active experiences and give them a break from traditional classroom settings. They also enhance students’ essay writing skills by adding pragmatism to the topic of study.

Studies by show that 53.78% of students strongly believe that field trips and educational tours increase their knowledge base. Further studies show that students who went on science-oriented field trips scored better grades on their science tests.

Studies by

Since educational tours do not happen frequently, the chances of students learning from such experiences are rather low. However, colleges and universities require students to submit flawless academic papers within the stipulated time. In such cases, students are encouraged to get essay writing help from professional writing experts. This lessens the burden on students and prevents them from feeling burnt out.

Coming round again to the tours, this article studies the educational value of tours and informs the readers about how they can elevate their essay writing skills via such trips. The discussion starts by defining what are the top essay skills writing that academia demands from students.

What Are the Top Essay Writing Skills?

To achieve the grades you want, it is important to improve your academic writing practices. The top 5 good essay writing skills that you should develop to shine in your academic papers are the following:

  1. Brainstorm the essay ideas and pick the best topic for your work.
  2. Research your topic well enough and gather sufficient appropriate evidence.
  3. Have strong arguments and stick to the purpose of your essay.
  4. Exhibit your critical thinking skills in the essay.
  5. Ensure that your paper is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

How to Develop Essay Writing Skills Through Educational Tours?

Writing is one of the most basic and important skills to be mastered by students if they want to succeed in their academic life. Field trips can improve the essay writing skills of students in several ways. A study titled Improving Students’ Writing Skills Through Field Trip Method shows that students engage themselves positively in all the educational trip activities, and their learning capabilities increase greatly.

However, learning is a time-consuming process, and students need enough time to hone their essay writing skills. Essay writing companies do a great job of preparing students for meeting the challenges of academic writing. Whenever you are in a time crunch, essay writing services from expert writers who have a knack for writing great papers on multiple niches.

Coming back to the topic, here are the ways the educational tours help students improve their essay writing skills and craft good essays tailored to their needs:

1. Knowledge Transfer

A well-organised field trip is a foremost example of knowledge transfer in the students. They use their interactive and observational skills to exchange knowledge and learn new things at such tours.

Furthermore, it becomes easy for them to understand the narrative provided by the lecturers and guides as they can apply those lessons practically to everyday scenarios. Not only this, it also improves the knowledge retention of students. When they bring their observational knowledge in written form, their essay writing skills automatically show signs of refinement.

2. Hands-On Learning

Although the connectivity in today’s digital age has almost ended the gaps in the learning process of students, experiencing new activities in the outside environment improves their understanding of educational concepts.

When they mix practical application with theoretical knowledge, their ability to weave their experiences into words increases. It results in the improvement of essay writing skills of students via hands-on learning procedures.

important tools in the learning experience

This ‘cone of experience ‘taken from the research paper titled Improving Descriptive Text Writing Skills Using Learning Media for Fifth Virtual Field Trip Grade Students, explains the most important tools in the learning experience of students. You can see that experiencing lessons via models or simulations constitutes so much of the learning cone.

3. Increased Student Engagement

One of the most basic elements of academic essays is engagement and cohesion in the written content. If you want to register a new concept in the minds of readers, you must find it appealing to yourself first. Due to the educational trips, the barrier of apathy between the students breaks and they interact freely with each other on significant topics. It sharpens their perception skills and observation and refines their essay writing skills.

4. Adding Relevance to Learning

Another benefit that you can derive from the educational tours is that they add relevance to the learning experiences of students. The best places to visit if you want to improve your academic writing skills for essays are the following:

  • Research centres
  • Science laboratories
  • Historical sites
  • Botanical gardens
  • History museums

The knowledge and information students gain from these trips are reflected in their essays. They become able to add colour to their writings and respond to essay questions via their learning experiences.

5. Travel Writing

Students should be totally encouraged to keep a diary with them and mention their significant experiences in great detail. An educational tour is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills in writing an essay on any given subject.

Journaling and travel writing aid students in discovering their voice and style and assist them in writing free from the pressure of academic settings. They find ways to express themselves in better ways, which ultimately leads to the polishing of easy writing skills.

6. Expansion in Mental Faculties

The educational tours introduce the students to different cultures and they receive teaching on how people belonging to different cultures behave and carry out their daily activities. Often staying in the premises of traditional classrooms limits the imagination of students. Such trips help them expand their mind and thinking capacities, which is a great way to improve their essay writing skills.

4 Tips for Writing a Good Essay About the Educational Tours

Although all academic essays follow a similar format and structure, travel essays generally have a different set of priorities. Here are some of the recommendations to help you collate your ideas when writing such essays:

1. Understand the Task at Hand

The key step in writing an essay on the educational tour is knowing what is the topic of your paper. Know what you are expected to do in your papers and provide explanations of the culture, trip locations and relevant information. Get the key facts about your essay topic that present a unique thought process in your homework. All this is possible if you understand the requirements of the topic at hand.

2. Write a Strong Introduction

The introduction of an essay is what makes it or breaks it. You should avoid using bland statements in your papers, especially when you are describing new topics from travel impressions. An excellent way to showcase your critical thinking skills in essay writing is to start the introduction with a hook. Talk about a fantastic point about your journey and grab the attention of the readers in any way you can. Your thesis statement must be strong enough in the introduction part.

3. Maintain a Structure

Each educational tour has a different story to tell, however, it is important that you stick to the standard procedure of writing when working on your essays. Colleges usually have different marks for following the layout and structure of your papers and missing it would have negative implications for your work. If you want to show good essay writing skills, ensure that your paper has a definite structure and a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion sections.

4. Use Distinct Paragraphs for Different Ideas

An excellent essay influenced by an educational tour will have a diverse set of ideas to express in your work. You should stick to one idea per paragraph to effectively express yourself and protect the reader from losing focus on the paper.

All the stories that you must discuss in your paper may not be new to your teacher but presenting them simply will help you get more marks. Just ensure that you use active voice and that your grammar and punctuation are on point.

How Can I Improve My Essay Writing Skills?

A good essay explores the problem at hand in detail and discusses the theme of work from varying perspectives. The ability to do so comes from incessant practice. Here are the seven best techniques which you can use to improve your essay writing skills to the level of perfection:

  1. Focus on developing strong reading habits for yourself.
  2. Read books, articles and research papers extensively. Also, analyse the writing styles of such papers.
  3. You should work on developing some strong research skills.
  4. Use concise and clear writing styles for your essays.
  5. Revise the work you write multiple times to find out about any kind of mistakes that you might have been making.
  6. Look for people who can provide you with constructive feedback and learn from the comments.
  7. Practise expressing your thoughts on different topics. Try to do it in a way that everything becomes easily understandable for your readers.

When you practise these essay writing tips, you will observe a significant change in your writing style. Exercise these tips for writing different types of essays and you will gradually get better at crafting your papers better.

Essay Writing Skills Examples

Students have to exhibit multiple elements of essay writing skills for university papers. Some colleges even mention these elements in the essays submitted by students. Hunter College guides us on the following five qualities of good writing that must be present in the academic essays of students:

1. Focus

An essay should have a clear central idea to focus on. Each paragraph should also have a clearly defined main topic to support the key arguments.

2. Unity

Each paragraph of your essay should be connected to the main idea. The main points must be discussed at the start of the paper.

3. Development

All paragraphs of your work should expand or support the central ideas of your papers. These ideas should be illustrated and explained through various descriptions.

4. Coherence

There must be a logical and smooth flow in the work and the ideas must stick together. Everything in your essay must make sense to the reader.

5. Correctness

In this guide to writing, the last point is of correctness which means that all the information in the essay should be generally correct and error-free. All the sentences should be complete.

Books to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing Skills

Writing for academic purposes is a skill that needs to be developed after practising a lot. As stated above, books are a great way to improve your writing skills and can help you achieve good grades in your academic papers. We particularly recommend the books below:

  1. Essay Writing Skills: Essential Techniques to Gain Top Marks by Jacqueline Connelly, Patrick Forsyth
  2. Writing Essays for Dummies, UK Edition by Mary Page, Carrie Winstanley
  3. Improve Your Writing Skills by Roy Johnson
  4. The Art of X-Ray Reading (How the Secrets of 25 Great Works of Literature Will Improve Your Writing) by Roy Peter Clark
  5. Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide by Peter Redman, Wendy Maples
  6. The New Oxford Guide to Writing by Thomas S. Kane
  7. Academic Writing Skills 1 – Teacher’s Manual by Peter Chin, Samuel Reid, Sean Wray, Yoko Yamazaki


Many students want to boost their essay writing skills but are often too busy with their academic lives and do not find the opportunities to do so. The bottom line of this article is that a summer trip or excursion can always provide you with an appropriate time and place to nourish and refine your writing skills. You can adopt many ways to strengthen your academic skills during the educational tours and make the most of your time.

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