5 Things To Do When You Are Hit By Another Driver


Motoring accidents are never fun, especially when it’s the other driver’s fault. But it’s important to know exactly how to deal with the situation, especially at the scene of the accident as there will be a mix of shock, anger and plenty of other emotions flying around as well. So here are a few essential things to remember when this happens.

Check Everyone Is OK

Safety and human life is always the most important thing to consider so before you start asking questions or apportioning blame take 5 minutes to check if everyone is OK and if there is any medical attention required. If there is any serious injury then ensure that an ambulance is called straight away. Remember that some of the drivers or passengers may be in shock so it’s important to actually check rather than just ask if everyone is fine.


Take All Details Down At The Scene

Once any injuries are taken care of then it’s important to take note of all of the details at the scene as the incident is fresh in everyone’s mind at this time. Things to remember to do are take pictures, swap insurance details, make note of the road and also the location on the road at the time, the weather conditions and the locations of the vehicles when the collision occurred (for example, if anyone was on the wrong side of the road). If necessary, and in accordance with local laws, call the police if necessary as this can be useful to have an official record of statements taken.

Arrange A New Vehicle


If your vehicle is not driveable you will need to arrange alternative transport, this may well be taken care of via the insurance, and check this as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you’ll need to be getting around. You could hire a vehicle for the short term but may need a new car and there’s no reason to wait for the insurance to come through as you can find a cheaper car loan as if there is a replacement due from the insurer you will be compensated later. Click here, if you want to learn more about this.

Deal With The Insurance Company

The next thing to be aware of is to get in touch with your insurer, even if you are not at fault it is your legal responsibility to do so. They can assist you in dealing with the other driver’s insurer as they will want this to go well as it ensures they are not paying out.


Assess If Legal Action Is Necessary

Once all of the logistical aspects of sorting out the aftermath of the crash are taken care of you will want to look at liability in a legal sense. If the other driver is at fault through negligence or worse then you will want to take legal advice to see if you are entitled to any compensation for injury or distress. Most lawyers will give a fee-free initial appointment or you may find that your car insurance offers legal cover.