5 Tips to Increase Your Bat Speed – Baseball Bats & Hitting Guide


When it comes to batting properly and becoming a heavy hitter, you need to consider three major things, stance, the swing itself (strength and position), and the speed at which you can swing.

In this article and on this website, we’re going to deliver an impeccable way to increase your batting speed, which can, in turn, help you generate a much more successful hit, as well as increase your strength and stamina while not wasting energy on your swing. Baseball Bible has reviewed bats which can help you increase your batting speed.


You can Tip Your Bat Down Slightly

While many people actually do this in the professional leagues, this isn’t something that’s normally discussed. By tipping the bat slightly, you can help get more momentum than you would generally by rotating the barrel a little bit. Utilizing this method can help you hit harder and farther than other players who don’t do this.

Keep your Hands at Shoulder Height

There are a lot of people who lunge their arms forward when they swing, and it results in failures, and goals that they aren’t trying to achieve (less batting control when the ball actually does connect).

According to the WichitaWingNuts website, in order to utilize the best procedures and swing faster, keep your elbows bent, and use your core and keep your hands closer to you. Extending your arms and hands should be towards the follow through rather than the actual swing itself for optimal performance.

Step Into It

Just as the title to this section says, you can actually throw more weight into your swing by stepping with your leg a little bit. Simply raise your “pitcher facing leg” and step into your swing some. This will put a forward momentum of your body weight into your swing and can make you swing faster and harder. This combined with other methods of hitting harder and faster, and practice to increase bat control is essential to speed up your swing.


“Spring Load” Yourself

When you’re swinging a baseball bat, the lower body doesn’t need to necessarily pivot and rotate as fast as your upper body. Using this technique, you can pretty much cock your upper body like a spring being twisted. When you release your full speed and power, you can be an unstoppable (other than to you) force when the ball connects.

Pull Your Rear Elbow Up and Backwards

By utilizing this technique along with the others, you can ensure that you are going to swing with ultimate speed. This goes hand in hand with springing your swing by preparing it for momentum. Most of the heaviest hitters in the Major Leagues use this method and it can be seen because their shirt will even tighten up when they’re raising the bat to get ready to swing. This also goes hand in hand with keeping your hands to your shoulders, as mentioned above.

As they say, practice makes perfect. That is why it is best that you also perform batting drills in addition to baseball throwing drills. Check out this article from Xbodyshape.org to know more about baseball throwing drills



Everyone swings a bat differently, but by using the above tips, you can provide both a unique batting experience to your swing, as well as change how fast and hard you can both swing and hit the ball. You may or may not become the next “Babe Ruth” (or you may, you never know).

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