5 Types of Chandeliers for Your Home


You cannot deny the importance of a pleasant environment and fancy chandeliers are known to make your house interior as such.

The great thing about chandeliers is that each of them looks unique and you can choose the one which you like best. If we get back into history, in earlier times, we did not have any sort of lights and electricity – candles were the only option. Luckily, nowadays, we can choose different things and items, and every person can decorate and light their homes as they desire. While certain chandeliers are considered luxurious and can only be found in top-class hotels and restaurants, there are those which everyone can purchase.

Investing in your house and place is a wise decision as you get a special place to relax. I have heard people saying that any sort of chandelier will look good at their house, but it is sheer nonsense. You must have heard some old ladies saying that for gauging one’s love for their home and manners, you must check their way of living.


Now, the things that can keep you away, is not giving much attention to home accessories, which can change the look of your house. Chandeliers are one of those things which can entirely change the look of your house.

I have always noticed these things; it gave you a kind of message about the owner and their interests. I mean, a person who cares to invest in things like chandeliers and antiques, must have struggled very hard for giving them and their families this sort of environment.

With a wide range of designs, it is difficult to go shopping, especially if this is your first one and you want to switch from regular lamps to chandeliers. First of all, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to get – and there is a possibility that the chandelier you want isn’t in perfect condition.

That is why we have to say that fixing a chandelier is not very easy. You need to take some precautions and it requires the same process as you fix something like a security camera. In this article we will see what can be done for fixing a chandelier, I would only highlight some common mistakes which most people around us would do.

1. Ordinary chandelier


These chandeliers are quite common and they are made out of glass. These chandeliers can be used when you are trying to have a simplistic and classy look for your place echoed kitchenhome.co.uk.

Furthermore, they are quite affordable, and the best thing about this kind is its flexibility. You can adjust these classy chandeliers anywhere you want to.

2. Candle like chandelier


These chandeliers will definitely remind you of the first ones ever made. They are available in amazing shapes, sizes, and designs.

The outer look is like a candle, that is what makes them different from other kinds. The best place to hang these types of chandeliers in the living room and the garage. This may sound very strange, but have you seen a grand hotel with the best exterior, you must have noticed a sense of attraction just through its look.

3. Chandeliers with shades


If you love patterns, then you must get these chandeliers, lights covered with thin and thick shades. The main effect are the shade color and the patterns on them.

You can match those shades with the color of your curtains, walls and the antiques in your room, for giving it a cohesive look.

4. Crystal chandelier


If you want to infuse a lot of glamour and drama to your room or living area, then having these crystal chandeliers can make your struggle a lot easier.

Crystal chandelier is the easiest to fix, after pendant chandeliers. They are also quite common nowadays.

5. Pendant chandeliers

Pendant chandeliers come with a single big pendant, which can be bought in various sizes. There are a lot of options with lights, such as multicolor which can brighten up your room in a most exquisite way.

Tips for fixing a chandelier


·   Turn of the electricity

When you are fixing a chandelier, the first thing you must do is to turn off the electricity. If you think that you need to turn off the power in your entire house, then do it. Safety comes first.

Find the circuit breaker and follow the instructions.

·   Check its weight

Without checking the weight of your chandelier, you cannot move forward. The second step in fixing a chandelier is the installment of the holders.

The holders must be strong enough for keeping the chandelier in place so make sure you are using the right type

·   Ask experts

The safest way to install a chandelier in your home is to call professionals. Although you would have to pay for their services, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to check different kinds of chandeliers, make sure to check out crystalchandeliersinc.com.