Perfect Hair – Tips and Tricks to Maintain it

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Ensuring that your hair will be lush and beautiful for the rest of your life depends heavily on how you treat it during your life. Do you know whether you wash it enough or maybe too much? Do you know whether you should brush multiple times a day or maybe you should avoid brushing? Do you use the right shampoo or conditioner? One article may lead you to believe one thing while some other website may lead to believe something that is completely the opposite. So, which ones of those two have the correct answer?

The truth is, everyone has a different type of hair which means they need a different type of care. While we cannot satisfy the needs of everyone, we can at least focus on the more general health tips to make your hair always look perfect.

There are several factors that influence how your hair will look throughout the day, so here is a list of the best tips that will help you maintain it.

1. Build a haircut habit

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Both men and women believe that the best way to grow out your hair is to just leave it be. That is definitely not true as many studies have proven to make it grow you need to have a habit of cutting it. If you leave it growing for longer periods of time, there is a good chance that it will start drying and splitting at the ends which will prevent the growth of length.

The more you cut it with professional tools such as Scissor Tech, the lesser the chances of breakages or split ends, the more it will grow. A lot of experts believe that you should have it cut at least once a month, although cutting it once in two or three months will be fine too.

2. Are you washing it properly?

You might be thinking that your hair looks great after you take a shower, so how it is possible that you are not shampooing it properly? Well, it is not always about just the looks. If you know that your head quickly gets oily even after just a few hours, then you should definitely pay more attention to your wash. If you are suffering from oily scalp, we recommend that you rinse it with shampoo at least twice while showering. The first set of shampoo is to clean your scalp from too much oil build up and the second is for a way to help your hair stay healthy longer.

Another thing you need to remember when showering is that you should gently rub in both the shampoo and the conditioner. Give your scalp a “massage” while applying the conditioner. This massaging will stimulate the blood flow on the skin on your hear which will strengthen the roots of your hairs. Do not scrub too hard as you can damage the roots.

3. Keep it natural

While straightening it with a flat iron is your go-to style throughout the weekend, it is probably smart that you have a few days or weeks where you let your hair live a bit naturally. In other words, you should let it dry without using an ultra-hot dryer, avoid using curls and avoid flattening it. Letting it be free for a couple of days can help strengthen itself and be a bit healthy. You will instantly notice that it feels different.

You should also avoid tightening your headband too much as it can pull on your roots too much which might be damaging over time. Just let your hair relax a bit.

4. Visit your hairdresser

According to, you should consider visiting your hairdresser more often to get all the right ingredients that you need to keep your hair healthy. You won’t have to bother yourself whether you have fed your hair with enough vitamins for the week if you just consult with your stylist.

5. A good diet can also keep it healthy


You might be wondering what does food have to do with the hair on your head, but food has actually a huge role in it. All those proteins and vitamins can boost both growths in length and in width. Just as your muscles need the right nutrients to keep growing, so do the roots on your scalp.

Eating less oily and fast food can actually affect the shine of it and maybe even reduce your production of oil on your scalp. So, you probably won’t have to wash it every single day anymore.

6. Are you using the right shampoo?

While you might be thinking that you have been using the right one for years, that might not be true and here is why. As there are a lot of different types of hair, there are also different ingredients used in shampoos and conditioners that have different effects. If you do not use the right conditioner, there is a chance that you might completely break the production of oil in your scalp which can make your hair look dry, unhealthy and dull.

There are some ingredients that might force you to produce too much oil which results in you washing it more than usual.

So, what should you do? Our first tip is that you avoid a conditioner that uses sulfates and clarifying shampoos. You should look for products that are more organic and that promote the use of vitamins and other natural things that can keep your scalp healthy.

7. Do you brush too much or not enough?


A lot of women are confused about whether you need to brush more or less. One article will claim that you should brush at least two or three times a day while other articles will tell you to brush two or three times a week. So, which one of these is right?

Well, there isn’t any way to find out which is the right way, but we recommend that you brush at least once a day. It is a healthy habit that cannot do any serious damage. Although, you should avoid brushing too much as it can cause breakages and even stretch your hair.

Another thing to note is that you should use regular plastic brushes as boar brushes can be too rough and cause damage.