6 Factors to Consider When You Look For a Comfortable Mattress


We spend a third of our lives on the mattress, if you forgot it, so it really does matter what we sleep on!

There is no man in the world who does not like to sleep sweetly. Sleep is both enjoyment and need. Without proper sleep, our body cannot function normally. The role of it in our health is invaluable. A good night’s rest improves productivity, attention and memory, boosts immunity, restores cells, protects against stress, boosts creativity, beauty and longevity.


When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there is no doubt that it matters what kind you sleep on. However, there are now many different types available so buying a new one can be a real nightmare.

Experts say that a high price does not have to guarantee better quality. A good one should be firm enough to support the back, neck and legs, and at the same time it should be soft for comfort.

Shopping Tips

Experts including civilizedhealth.com say you need to devote some time to buy a new one and to test multiple different sleeping surfaces.

  1. Sleeping Positions

Don’t be shy, try different sleeping positions. When you lie down to the side, if your shoulders and hips collapse, if you feel your spine is not straight, then the mattress is probably too soft. And if you feel pain and discomfort, then it is probably too hard for you.
Experts recommend that you buy it as late as possible during the day, as people are generally rested and cheerful in the morning, so many things look better then.


It is not enough to lie down for only 5 minutes. Take your favorite sleeping position and think: are you comfortable? Try different types. Only then can you choose the right one that 100% suits your needs.

2. Are you sleeping alone?

If you’re a couple sharing a double bed, it’s a good idea to try it out together. Do you need one big or two different ones? Two will help you meet your individual needs.

It may take days before your body becomes accustomed to the new bed. Take advantage of the complaints offered by many stores. Take it home and sleep on it for several nights in a row. If it does not meet your expectations, you can return it to the store.

3. Spring Mattresses – Yes or No?

Most people sleep on a classic spring mattress. It is the most popular species in the world so far. But proponents of alternative medicine, however, have great objections to the use of this type. The negative impact of metal springs on the body is manifested in preventing the flow of energy in the human body. The springs act like antennas that interfere with electromagnetic radiation. This guy has another very big flaw – it is not resistant to mites, fungi, and insects.


There are many benefits to using this type: they provide support to every part of the body, are durable, have good air circulation, are comfortable and generally have an affordable price.

4. Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses – are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. They are made of polyurethane foam characterized by its elasticity, softness and anti-allergic properties. There are more types of memory foam that differ in the process by which they are made, but all are free of harmful substances.

The benefits of this type of mattress are the following: they are ideally suited to body shape, distribute body weight well, stretch the spine, ie reduce pressure on the spine, are resistant to insects, mites and fungi and have an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a “Top 10” list of the most comfortable mattresses, this review on Sleeping Ninjas has you covered.

The disadvantages of this type are: they are not made of natural materials and do not provide good breathability, maintain the “warming” effect and are not as long lasting as the previous type.

5. Should You go for Latex?

Latex mattresses – are popular because they are very elastic, long lasting and have good hygienic properties. Latex is a soft and fine sponge made from rubber milk. There is also synthetic latex, and some species are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic latex.


Advantages of this kind are: they are made of natural material, evenly distribute body weight and provide optimal support and comfort, prevent the growth of fungi, mites and bacteria, well regulate humidity and air circulation and, importantly – they are long lasting.
The downside is their pretty high price tag.

6. What about Gel?

Gel mattresses – are the latest generation that are especially practical for hospital use because of their flexibility, softness, sterility and elasticity. They absorb pressure well and provide good and even support to the body. This material relieves a sore back even better than latex or memory foam. Recommended for those who suffer from spinal, neck and back pain. Most often this material is combined with springs or memory foam.

The advantages of this type are antibacterial and antiseptic properties, they are shaped according to the body of the user, they distribute the body weight well, relieve the spine, and are long-lasting.

The biggest disadvantage is that they are quite expensive and users have to get used to the harder surface.

Variety of Options

Combo mattresses – are that use many different types of materials. Very often used that have a gel core and several layers of memory foam. There are mattresses that have a latex core and the other layers are memory foam.

The higher, the more comfortable it is. The latest trend in American fabrication is precisely the mattress with the multi-core. The English proverb can apply here too – I’m not that rich in buying cheap stuff!

For those suffering from allergies, they recommend latex, memory foam or gel.

Please note that the cover can be removed and washed at least 60 degrees, as mites are destroyed at this temperature. The most comfortable are the pulp covers as a natural fiber.

It is very important to choose the right substrate. That’s why when you pick in the store, you lie on the mattress you choose without and with a pad. If the slats are used as a substrate, the freshness will be maintained longer.

You will determine the size according to the size of the person who will sleep there.
For a double bed, the one in two parts is recommended, the main reason being that there are always differences in the weight of the partner which causes it to be shaped more under the weight of the heavier partner without providing the necessary support to the other.

A bed frame is also important


Some new mattresses may have different heights, so when you put them in bed, they can protrude slightly, depending on the bed. This can be a problem for older people when getting in and out of bed. The height from the floor to the top edge, the one on which it rests, should be 45 centimeters.

However, it is recommended that the mattress be replaced after 7 years. Until then, maintain it by turning it 2 – 3 times the other way during the year.