6 Reasons Why Men Like Topless Waitresses and Strippers in Clubs


There is probably no better way to get a smile on a man’s face than to invite him to a strip club. An almost naked female body that twists around or serves cocktails, or doing both, attracts guys like a magnet. It’s no secret that it’s men’s weakness. They simply remain fascinated and curious about what comes after some light movements and clothes flying all over the place with every minute that passes. These things became such a trend that you can find them almost everywhere and for plenty of occasions. Just look at companies like Ivy Models Services, for example – one can choose from a wide variety of nice-looking ladies and even make their own parties and hire them to entertain their guests. Yes – they’re everywhere.

Many men’s fantasies start with striptease, and just looking at seductive swaying makes them quite excited. On the other hand, many girls roll their eyes at the thought of their guys sitting in strip clubs and watching beautifully shaped women’s bodies curl around the pole.


Why is it so? Why do men adore striptease and women can’t figure it out? The night world of women who undress and dance to earn some dollars continues to be an enigma for many people – how come that they manage to catch the attention of so many curious eyes?

There are thousands of men who visit such places in order to have a good time, to reduce stress or to accompany other friends.

There are actually million reasons why they do it.

We’re going to give you six that no one can deny.

  1. They’re attracted by female self-confidence

A good striptease can only be performed by a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin and who’s not afraid to show it to the world. A confident woman who’s aware of her own charm will always look great, despite the fact that she may not have the perfect figure or skin.


Men believe that self-confident women are more sensual than others. Confidence and self-esteem make moreover such girls look more gorgeous in their eyes – they seem more attractive, irresistible and powerful. Strippers are naked, sexy beasts, walking fantasies with no hidden leash. They do things that most men dream of, and that most women will never do. They’re a forbidden fruit. They are there to satisfy their customers and fulfill their fantasies and that’s precisely what makes them so appealing to their spectators.

2. These girls are young and they don’t have their clothes on!

Look – it’s biology and it really IS that simple. The men worship naked women’s bodies. The more exposed women are, the better.

Why, you are wondering? Because the most beautiful image that’s genetically embedded in the male mind is the image of a beautiful nude female body that twists with the erotic charge that bursts into the rhythm of some sensual music. Beauty and appearance don’t even matter – there’s something that radiates from a woman that causes male pulse rate to rise, a fever, rapid circulation, dilation of the pupils…

…and, in addition, in strip clubs there’s no need to beg and ask anybody to see some bare skin.

3. They like attractive lingerie

Although men say they like it best when girls are completely naked, alluring clothes and lingerie will pin their gaze to those bodies. The truth is that all clothing that one wears actually can get to excite our senses. This is a fundamental point. We’ve all seen completely naked people at some point, but, except in some postures, the human body is not always as sexual as we think. What’s hidden is what really makes us move or think.

4. They enjoy a good atmosphere and it makes them happy

Except for the depressed men who go out there with their pals to mourn their fate after a heart-wrenching breakup, those who come to these places always find it funny and they all end up happy. There’s no other place where you can notice so many smirking and intrigued men’s faces as in strip clubs. It’s a fact that they look and feel as if they are in a kind of male paradise or even in an asylum – but an exciting one.

5. They get attention


The strip clubs are not full of thugs and gangsters as you might think – there are many men who have an addiction to the industry or have lost their marriage and therefore spend plenty of time there.

But let’s talk about the men who attend such parties because, to them, it’s a distraction from home problems – those men who are willing to drop a couple of dollars to see a pretty girl whirl around them and give them her full attention for a few minutes. Or to give a witty wink to a hot lady in topless serving drinks and receive it back. There are a lot of guys with a lack of attention from their partners at home that just want to be shown a bit of attentiveness by women in general and get carried away. But it doesn’t mean that they’re looking for a quick intercourse.

Or they’re simply looking for a girl who doesn’t talk much and makes them feel like they were the only man in the club. And of course, the more money men release for tips, the more they attract the attention of a dancer or a hot waitress.


6. It makes their fantasies come true

Men are generally living an unconditional secret romance and fantasizing about gorgeous women, seeing them as the epitome of successful dating. Although most men accept the fact that they don’t have a Barbie-like partner, they can still dream. Seeing women of equivalent beauty who are completely or partially nude and seemingly vulnerable, allows them to get closer to their fantasies. Even though most strippers and topless models have full control of what they do. Going to a striptease bars or similar places with a bunch of hot girls is like a live version of the sexual escapades that they dream at night – the idea of make contact with one of those women pierces their minds and leads them to the top of their imagination.