Baby Gates: How to Choose and Install Them

As soon as your baby starts exploring stuff by himself/herself, parents become more vigilant and stay close by the child. Kids safety is the primary responsibility of parents. New parents find it overwhelming. Simple baby safety tips can always help them manage stress and keep their babies safe. While your house is a haven for your kid, you still need to be extra careful to ensure that your child is safe. For this purpose, a baby gate can help you keep your children away from the hazards of a home.

With gate installation in your house, your kid can stay away from stairs or objects that can cause injury. Do not worry as we can help you in both areas.

Let us Get Started

Baby gates are meant to protect babies with ages between 6 months and 2 years. You can also use it for keeping your child and pet separate.

Two types of Gates

There are two types that are available in different designs. Their installation techniques may differ.


They come with bolts and framed inside the walls of your house. These are useful in places where there is a chance that your child might fall off the stairs. You can install them both indoors and outdoors depending on the different spots in your house.


They are easy to install, and you can press them on opposing walls. These are beneficial in areas where falling is not a hazard. These can be used to keep your child away from the stairs. To prevent your kid from exploring stuff or climbing stairs, then you can find pressure mounted gates useful.

One key thing to remember is that they are not recommended to be installed on the top.

Baby safety gates are beneficial when your child starts crawling. As soon as he/she steps out of your lap and starts crawling on the floor, parents rush towards precarious spots to keep them safe. Read more for best reviews on them of 2019.

Make sure you choose the best ones to give your child a secure environment. Choose either pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted gates (according to the hazardous spots in your house) to prevent any injury.

How to Set Up a Baby Gate?

While you might find it hard to choose a baby gate, for some parents, it is harder to think about its installation.  

“How to set up a baby gate?” is a common question that parents often ask. To make it a little easier for you, we have some useful tips for you.

Hardware-mounted Gates

They are made of wood, aluminum or steel that are coated with enamel to give a fine look. It is installed using screwing brackets that are drilled either into the frame of the door or go behind the walls. If you have drywall or plaster alone, avoid mounting it.

You will need screws for their installation, you can drill holes wither in a door frame or into studs behind a wall.

If you want to open a passageway, these gates can easily be removed. They are also ideal for stairs.

Pressure-mounted Gates

They come in two sliding panels that can make its opening easy. You can walk by removing the panels or sliding them. One type of pressure mounted baby gate is swing style. For its installation, you will not require any drilling.

To install it, you need to squeeze the opening to fit it. The locking mechanism or a pressure bar fixes it in one position. It does not leave any permanent hole, but it can impair a wall or door frame.

These are ideal when you need to separate your kid from pets. These are used in less hazardous places like between rooms. These can also be used to discourage your child from climbing the stairs.

Even with installation, you need to be careful. Even the best baby gates are not childproof so be sure that you do not rely on them entirely.

Tips for Choosing Baby Gates

With so many options, it often becomes difficult to choose the one for your child. Some of the tips below can help you choose the best baby ones for your child.

Measure the Width

You do not want to end up buying a baby gate that does not fit your staircase or in between your walls. Make sure you take the measurements like the staircase or between the walls so that you can buy the right one.

Choose How You Want to Install it

You might have different parts in your house that your kid wants to explore. You might want to buy both types of gates. But before buying you need to be sure how you want to install it. You can either ask experts or discuss it with your partner.

Closing and Opening Options

As your baby grows, it becomes quite challenging to keep the secret of opening and closing the door safe. So, you need to be in control of this. Choose a gate that is hard to open or close for your child.

Choose Your Material

You would need a gate that would complement your interior. Choose a material and design that suits your house.

Final Words

Head injury and its dire effects on children are not rare. If parents do not take measures to avoid or prevent them, then it can result in severe damage to their brain. This is the reason that a baby gate can prevent any unexpected injuries and falls and are highly recommended to be installed. With it installed in your house, you can make your home safe for your child. So buy one today and do not worry about installation, and it is quite simple.