6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish Right Away

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No hablo esplanol?

There is truly nothing more awkward and frustrating than the language barrier. Spanish is one such language which poses such a challenge. Why? Simple; there are a lot of native Spanish people interacting with English speakers these days. Whether you are on vacation in Mexico or you are chatting online with a girl from Peru (click here to know what they are like), it is super inconvenient to not understand or speak Spanish.

Most people turn to online translations services to bridge this gap. But this too has its shortcomings. Instead of running back and forth from Google translate; why not just learn the language? Here are 6 reasons why.

6 reasons to learn Spanish Today!

It is a beautiful language

There is just something about how those L’s and R’s roll off the tongue as someone is speaking Spanish. It is a beautiful language full of fierce passion. And trust me, once you start speaking it you’ll find yourself dropping phrases, whole sentences or completely switching mid-conversation with your non-Spanish speaking friends.

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It gives you access to an incredible culture

The Latino culture is one that is diverse and full of beauty. Learning Spanish is a great way to tap into all it has to offer food and music to their traditions and beliefs. This also gives you a chance to truly get in on the Telenovela craze. By learning the language, you are no longer an outsider looking in through a translation book or app. You become one of them and it is going to be awesome.

It is widely spoken in the world today

It is estimated that there are about 572 million people speak Spanish around the world as of 2017. Of these, about 95 million are not native speakers. This means that there are so many people your there you can share this beautiful language with. There are fellow rookies you can mess up the accent with and natives who will help you refine.

For convenience in international dating

Latin American men and women are among the most popular when it comes to the international online dating scene. Given all that they have to offer in terms of both inner and outer beauty, this is not so hard to comprehend. Learning this language will save you a lot of trouble down the line when you find your Latino prince or princess charming.

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For convenience during international trips

The region is also great for vacations. Whether you want to go on a rainforest exploration adventure or you want to bum on a beautiful beach, South America has it all. Learning Spanish will come in handy during such trips. You do not have to worry about interacting with the beautiful Latina women, reading signs and other challenges that non-speakers have to deal with.

It will look real good on a résumé

It could be that you are applying to your dream college or you are looking for a new job. Having an international language like Spanish on your list of abilities will definitely come in handy. It shows that you are not only proactive but can also be an asset to the institution when it comes to international ventures.