6 Tips to Ensure Expert Service for Your Air Conditioner

If yours is a tropical country, then you must know how indispensable your air-conditioning is to your daily life, especially during the summer. So, even though it’s a pricey product, you have to buy it.

But just like you should not buy just any air conditioner, the same applies when you hire an HVAC contractor to repair or replace your existing one. Your air conditioner is a delicate machine, so make sure that you give it to a trusted hand.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you receive expert service.


1. Do a Little Research

Take some time to do research on certain things:

a. Your Air Conditioner

Knowing your machine is important to know what to look for. Learn the significance of your brand and the model; try to understand if it needs any special kind of service or if there is anything you were mishandling unknowingly. Write down your findings and your history with the product.

b. The Problem

Carefully write down the problems you have been facing and for how long. Research your problems; try to find out the reasons and the affected part/parts. The problem can be so simple that you might choose to fix it on your own. However, seeking professional help is always recommended.

c. The Recommendations

Search on the internet to find out the names of the contractors to consider. There are a number of companies out there, so look for reputed ones, like Airecontrol, and go through their websites to know more about them. Consider at least three contractors before deciding on one.

You can also ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors for their experiences, tips, and recommendations.


2. Make Inquiries

After choosing your options, contact them personally and inquire about the following:

a. Their Licenses and Other Certifications

Make sure they are legally authorized for their job. Also, talk to the service experts to ensure that the technicians they are going to provide have legitimate certifications.

b. Their Experience and Expertise

Find out the age of their business and their area of specialization. Ask if they are experts in any specific brand. Also, try to get a sense of if their technicians are being trained enough and are always on board with the use and application of new technologies.

c. References.

They should provide at least three references from their previous clients. Contact them and get the following information:

– Brand and model of the air conditioner.

– Type of job the technician did on the air conditioner.

– How long it has been since the time the technician fixed up their AC.

– Their overall experience.

– If they had any further trouble.

3. Explain What You Are Looking For

Tell them about the things they need to know, including:

– The problem.

– Duration of the problem.

– How long have you been using the product?

– Your maintenance history.

Also, include if you have already found out the root of the problem. This practice should save a lot of your time and money. However, you must ask your contractor to inspect your system and house before they start working. If a contractor refuses to do so, consider your other options.


Here, you need to clear some other aspects too, such as:

  • How long it would take to get the job done and why. Use your prior research to figure out if the tech is unnecessarily lengthening the work period.
  • If you’re installing new air conditioners or replacing the existing one, you must ask the technician about the manufacturers or brands they carry and let them know if you have any specific choice. Make sure your technician uses the model you asked for.

When it is about repairing your air conditioner, ensure that the parts they are going to use are compatible with your brand.

  • If your air conditioner is of an advanced, special, or rear technology, make sure your technician has a successful experience in fixing it.

4. Availability and Efficiency

Look for a company that provides 24-hour service. And also consider their response time; know how quick and efficient they generally are at their job.

Make sure that you don’t have to wait for your technician if your system breaks down somehow and that they will fix it at the earliest possible time.

5. Consider the Cost and the Payment Schedule

Have written detailed estimates from all your potential contractors. The estimate should include factors like labor cost, materials cost, warranties, potential energy saving, and tax refunds.

Make sure you are not settling for some long-term costs to save your upfront costs. Most of the time, choosing the cheapest option costs us more in the long run; the same can happen if you go for a cheap technician. However, sometimes, companies offer a special deal, so see if you can grab any.

The payment schedule is also an important factor that you must find out. Learn if the service you are asking for involves a deposit and additional payments to avoid further financial complications.

Read every detail very carefully so that you don’t miss any terms and conditions and will know the exact cost you’ll have to bear.


6. Get It in Black and White

Once you are done choosing your technician, ask for a written agreement and make sure to receive it before making any final commitment. The contract must include all your demands and the deal you have settled on; all terms and conditions along with every oral promises must be there.

Never sign a proposal without going through it properly. Also, if the proposal seems doubtful or incomplete, avoid signing it. And don’t go for an advance payment. Make sure you have a copy of all written documents.


Even if all the above tasks sound hectic all together, these are important steps, since you cannot afford to take risks on something as delicate and as expensive as your air conditioner.

Give it a little effort and stay hassle-free for a longer period of time.